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The Ultimate Cheer Accessory: Cheer Bows!



 A cheerleading bow is a ribbon that cheerleaders wear in their hair, not the movement they do at the end of performance during audience applause. Cheerleading bows may be a standard part of some cheerleading uniforms, or they may be worn as a hair accessory apart from other squad members. Bow colors usually match those of the school and cheerleading uniform, but they don’t necessarily have to.

The Benefits of Cheerleading Bows

 Every cheerleader needs a hair accessory to keep her hair out of her face and eyes. Why not wear one that adds to your uniform and can be worn at any time or place to help spread school spirit? Before you know it, girls from your school’s other sports teams will be asking you where they can get a hair bow in school colors to match their uniforms.

  • The attached hairband makes bows practical and functional. They keep hair pulled back securely and don’t fall out during cheer routines.
  • Bows add a matching accessory to cheerleading clothes and give squads more uniformity.
  • Bows can be worn with style with or without your uniform to help support your school.
  • Cheer bows are affordable accessories that can be purchased individually or as a team.
  • Cheer bows are great for team unity at events like cheer camp where your squad may not always be in uniform.

Cheerleading Bow Styles

 Cheer bows may be found in styles such as the classic bow tie, ribbon, pinwheel, streamers and loops, and jumbo sizes. Custom two and three-toned bows are easy to match to your uniform, and many bows come with sequins, rhinestones, or metallic accents. Whether you prefer the long waves of a hair ribbon, the puffiness of a pinwheel, or the classic look of a bow tie, there’s a cheerleading bow in a style that’s perfect for both your hair and your look.

 Make your own cheerleading bows.

 Although most cheer bows are very affordable, it can be a fun team-building project for your squad to make their own. Each member can come up with her own unique design, or your whole squad can make matching bows.

Homemade cheer bows can also be a great fundraising project if your squad can get together over a weekend for a bow-making marathon. Even if you charge only a few dollars apiece you can still make a big profit and help encourage the student body to wear their school colors. Even the guys will purchase bows for their girlfriends, moms, or even wear in their own hair.

All you need is some rolls of ribbon in your school’s colors, fabric glue, hair bands, and some needles and thread. You can also purchase additional beads, sequins, rhinestones, and other accents to add to your ribbons. These items can be purchased at most hobby stores and many sewing and craft stores as well.