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5 Things to Know Before Going for Cosmetic Surgery



Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly popular option for those who can afford it and want to change what nature has given them or what has been altered by age and circumstances. However, it is not without its risks just like any other surgical procedure. Here are 5 things to know before going for cosmetic surgery:

  1. Are you healthy enough?

You need to be in good health for any kind of surgery. If you have any lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes or hormonal disorders like a thyroid condition, you may be at greater risk of complications. Make sure your doctor knows about all these things before he operates on you. Don’t forget to talk about reactions or allergies to any medications. Most doctors should advise a battery of tests before any surgery just to ensure that you don’t have a problem you may not even be aware of.

  1. Are you psychologically prepared for the surgery?

Whether you are under local or general anesthesia, you are going to be in a twilight state. It’s important you know and understand what is happening to you and  to discuss all the factors that go into the surgery before having the anesthesia. You should also be aware that post-surgery you are going to be groggy and sleepy for quite some time.

  1. Are you prepared for pain?

Post surgery you are going to be in a fair bit of pain, particularly if you have a low threshold of pain. The pain, swelling and bruising may freak you out and you may not get the immediate results you expect. While the doctor can give you painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, you will have to be prepared for at least discomfort and some pain in the days and/or weeks following surgery, depending on the nature of your procedure.

  1. Have you asked all the right questions?

You may need to ask yourself the questions or the doctor. Do make a list of all the possible questions and ask your doctor before committing yourself to the surgery. Don’t forget to ask about possible risks, complications and adverse events during and after the surgery. The more research you have in place, the better you are prepared.

If you are having facial surgery, especially something like a nose job you should really find out as much as you can about your surgeon too – cosmetic surgery is part science, part art – and for something as noticeable as your nose you want to ensure your surgeon has glowing references from past patients.

  1. How long will the results last?

Many plastic surgery procedures are not permanent. With ageing, gravity and weight gain or weight loss, you may experience some regression. Wrinkles can re-appear on the face in the due course of time. If you put on weight your skin will stretch and you will not have that toned look forever. Nose jobs are among those procedures which are long lasting, unless you have fillers put and may need a repeat procedure.

When you have decided to take a step like cosmetic surgery, while you are anticipating the results you always wanted, you should also be acquainted with the possible risks inherent in all surgeries as no surgical procedure is without risk.

However, the risk needs to be balanced against emotional needs. Many women have reported feeling so much more confident after breast augmentation surgery, and so this can only be a positive thing.

As long as you make an informed and educated decision, you are relatively protected.