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A Few Fascinating Facts About Jewelry You Didn’t Know



For thousands of years, people the world over have an undying love and admiration for the jewelry of all types. If you are fascinated by jewelry as most of us are, you will surely find the following facts about jewelry to be very interesting, to say the least, and maybe even surprising.

All that Glitters is Gold Including Food and Medicine

Since the beginning of recorded history, gold has been a very valuable and highly sought-after precious metal. In addition to being used in fine jewelry and dentistry when making crowns, most people don’t know that gold also was used as a medicine during medieval times. Back then, it was believed that something as rare and beautiful as gold could not be anything but healthy.

Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that today, gold is still used in medicine. Small amounts of gold are used to treat a medical ailment known as Lagophthalmos which is an inability to close one’s eyes completely. In this case, small amounts of gold are implanted in the upper eyelid to make ‘weights’ so that the eyes close. Injectable gold is used to treat certain types of cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

The gold leaf which is hammered gold is used income cultures to decorate food and drinks to convey a perception of luxury and high value. In some Asian countries, gold is used in some fruit jelly snacks, coffees, teas, and hard candies.

Biggest Gold Nugget in the World Ever Found with a Metal Detector

About the same size as a baby and weighing in at a whopping 62 pounds, the largest gold nugget ever discovered with a metal detector was unearthed by an Australian in his small hometown. The man nearly did not bother to dig it out of the ground because he thought that his machine was faulty. But once he did start digging he found much more than a paperclip or a bottle cap! The massive gold nugget was located just six inches below the surface and it was sold to the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas for a cool one $1 million.

Opals Falling from the Heavens?

During the Middle Ages, opals were considered stones that could bring you great luck. It was also believed back then that wrapping an opal in a fresh bay leaf and holding it in your hand could provide you with the power to become invisible. And even stranger, during ancient times people thought that opals were tiny pieces of heaven that had fallen from the sky due to violent thunderstorms. You will never again look at opal jewelry again in quite the same way, will you?

Jewelry Has Real Star Power

Here’s a fun fact to know about jewelry the next time the topic comes up among friends. The platinum and diamond necklace wore by actress Nicole Kidman in Moulin Ridge (filmed in 2001) radiated with over 1,300 diamonds and weighed 1,324 carats. That stunning piece of jewelry was valued at an impressive $1 million, making it the most expensive jewelry ever designed specifically for a film. After the shooting of the movie, the necklace was removed from an auction because its designer couldn’t bear to part with it.