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Exercise Tips for Older People



Regular exercise is a crucial component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for any individual and this does not change as we get older. For the older person, high-intensity sports are not typically a sustainable form of exercise. Exercise is no way that needs to involve pushing your body to the limit at every opportunity, of a greater need is regular less strenuous activities which keep the muscles ‘alive’.

Do you want to remain active as you get older but are struggling for exercises that are suited to your personal needs? Below are a few exercises that can help you stay fit and healthy as you get older:

1. Swimming

Swimming offers a great alternative to the high impact, high-intensity exercises. I suggest swimming as it is beneficial for a number of reasons; it is an excellent way of maintaining or increasing muscle strength or muscle tone. More importantly, swimming is a low impact exercise, it is not too strenuous on the body and significantly reduces the opportunity to incur injuries associated with other forms of exercise.

2. Walking

It is important that exercise has a high level of social interaction, an activity high in sociability is likely to produce better motivation and consequently better results. Perhaps the most obvious form of exercise is walking and this idea of social interaction is very much applicable. The idea is to make the exercise as fun as possible and walking with friends, especially around a park or other scenic location can be very enjoyable.

Some ideas may include walking the grandchildren to school or taking part in group walks. Both should help reduce the idea of a typical exercise as your social interaction and interests have become more important.

3. Stretching and Yoga

There is perhaps a stigma that exercise has to be fulfilled either outside or at the gym and for most exercises this is the case, stretching however is one exercise that you can enjoy within your home. Stretching is an effective way of maintaining flexibility and freedom of movement and therefore you will find it has a direct link to your ability to enjoy other activities.

Like stretching, hatha yoga offers a simple yet effective approach to exercise and I recommend it due to the various physical and mental benefits it will provide. Other variants of yoga may prove a little too intense, but hatha yoga is very relaxing. It will help strengthen your muscles and improve joints mobility, hatha yoga is an exercise that will help keep your mind healthy in turn having a positive outlook on other exercises you may try.