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How Sedation Dentistry Can Make Going To The Dentist A Snap



Many people are afraid of going to the dentist either from a bad experience at the dentist or through the development of a dental phobia based on the fear of pain. Now dentists offer a variety of methods to help patients feel comfortable during dental exams and procedures. Sedation Dentistry can make any dental procedure from a checkup or cleaning to more invasive procedures much less anxiety-producing.

Statistics indicate that as much as 15% of the American public has anxiety over going to the dentist. True dental phobia occurs in a smaller percentage of people but is agonizing for those that are afflicted with the phobia. Individuals with severe dental phobia may often cross the street to avoid even seeing a dentist’s office. The real problem with both dental phobia and the milder dental anxiety is that individuals will not go to the dentist for regular care and only show up when a dental problem is so severe that more invasive procedures are required. It is important to protect one’s general health that regular dental care is part of one’s regular health care plan. Dental problems such as infections, tooth decay, and gum disease can result in tooth loss, bone loss, and is now being linked to other general health problems such as dementia and heart disease.

From Mild Sedation To Deep Sedation

Now dentists are recognizing that they need to offer ways for patients to be relaxed during dental visits. Sedation Dentistry can help anxious dental patients with sedation dentistry. A dentist can use sedation such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation without specialized training. If more general sedation is required dentists must have completed training with the Commission on Dental Accreditation program known as CODA to be able to administer deep sedation. Some dental practices now offer dental anesthesiologists in order to provide more options in terms of sedation.

When Is Sedation Appropriate?

For individuals who suffer from dental phobia or have severe anxiety when visiting a dentist, sedation is a real opportunity to be able to get dental care without fear.  Sedation is also appropriate for individuals with a very strong gag reflex, those that find dental procedures extremely painful, people who are physically unable to sit in a dentist’s chair for any length of time, and anyone going through major dental procedures.