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Common Anxieties of Sedation Dentistry



The sound of the drill. The bright light is shining in your face — the paper masks. Trips to the dentist’s office are one of the most common fears people share, even in adults. It’s been estimated that nine to fifteen percent of adults in the United States put off visits to the dentist because they’re too stressed or afraid. While this fear is common and understandable, it can have serious side effects for the patient. People with concerns about the dentist often have unhealthy mouths and teeth because they avoid treatment.

Thankfully, many dentists know how to cope with your anxieties. Sedation dentistry is a significant way they can help put your fears to rest (literally). They’re not psychologists, but they can help you deal with some of the causes behind your anxiety. Many people hate the dentist’s office for the same reasons. They usually involve:

  • A bad childhood experience
  • Pain
  • Helplessness
  • Embarrassment

The truth is that dental treatments have come leaps and bounds forward since the stereotypical image of patients with ice packs on their faces and glum expressions. Many people know this, and know that they shouldn’t be so nervous, but they can’t stop the fear. For many people, it’s a deeply ingrained fear.

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Dentistry is thoroughly modern and ready to accommodate you and cater to your needs. You shouldn’t feel anxious about a routine dental procedure, nor do you have to anymore. Sedation dentistry offers an affordable and stress-relieving solution to make your trip to the dentist just a little more bearable. It’s an exact medical profession, and they will do everything they can to make you comfortable and put your mind at ease. There are several different types of sedation dentistry you should consider if you’re afraid of the dentist’s chair.

Nitrous Oxide

This is one of the most commonly applied sedation dental treatments, and it’s no wonder why. This gas, which you breathe in deeply through a nose mask, causes deep relaxation and occasionally a numb, tingly feeling throughout your body. For patients with high anxiety, it’s a perfect solution: you get to stay awake and be aware of your surroundings while also feeling deeply relaxed.

Oral/Intravenous Sedation

These forms of sedation put you into an even deeper state of relaxation than nitrous oxide. Like the gas, you remain awake, if not precisely alert, and conscious of your surroundings while sinking into a deep calm.

Even with sedation dentistry, you still may not enjoy your trip to the dentist’s office. But it can help you face your fears and get the dental treatment you need and deserve.

Steve G. wrote this article on behalf of the excellent Las Vegas sleep dentist, Dr. Steven Delisle. Click the link to book an appointment today.