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6 Most Common Fears Of People



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Sometimes people are filled with fears. Some fears may seem irrational but they are usually based on some past experience that has haunted them into adulthood. The common solutions to most fears are to engage in the activity that has caused the fear in the first place. For some people, fear is small such as the fear of failure. Today we are going to take a closer look at the 6 most common fears of people and how you can overcome these fears.

Fear 1: Fear of Heights-the fear of heights is probably one of the most common fears and in many cases, it is also a fear that can seem challenging to overcome. The level of fear can range from a few inches off the ground to several feet off the ground. The best way to overcome your fear of heights is to be kind to yourself and start off small. If you are afraid of really high heights start off small and work your way up to the taller and higher levels. With each attempt push yourself to go a little bit higher. You won’t overcome the fear overnight but you will conquer the fear each time you successfully complete another milestone. Before you realize it you will be reaching higher plateaus before you start to feel the fear sinking in.

Fear 2: Fear of Insects-The fear of insects can be a very traumatic experience especially if you live in a location that has a large range of insects on a regular basis. Places such tropical locations are usually rich with different insects so for these locations it may be an extreme challenge for someone with the fear of insects. In cases like this, it may not be recommended to visit one of these locations until you have removed some of the fear from the process. If this is not possible because you reside in this location a few steps you might be able to take would be to use an insecticide on your body to help to keep the insects away from you.

Fear 3: Fear of Small Spaces-having a fear of small spaces can be traumatic for someone that may need to depend on an elevator to get to their home or place of business. Spaces such as public transportation or social scenes may be more difficult for someone suffering from this fear. In order to overcome this fear the person experiencing the fear will want to take baby steps. What this means is to start off small. Don’t push yourself too hard because you may inadvertently make the fear worse. Slowly immerse yourself into larger and larger groups and into smaller and smaller spaces. When you feel that the space is too small and you are starting to struggle remove yourself from the situation and try again at a later time. Slow and steady win the race and the same can be true for overcoming your fears with brings me to the next fear…

Fear 4:

Fear of Flying-the fear of flying is another very common fear and this fear is usually rooted in past experiences. In some cases, the experiences are not based on personal experiences but on the experiences for others. For example, those who watch the news a lot will develop the fear of flying. This is because the news will show the incidents when people were injured or killed while flying rather than looking at all of the successful instances when a person went flying and made it safely to their destination. Overcoming your fear of flying will like the other be a process. You can start by taking a flight to a location nearby this way you are not in the air for a long period of time.

Fear 5: Fear of Germs-the fear of germs is a fear that is common but more difficult to cure since germs are everywhere. With this fear, it will be more of a matter of realizing that not all germs are bad for you and that germs have their place in the world. This fear may take a longer time to overcome but once you have overcome it you will begin to be able to experience more out of life and it will be a positive experience for you overall.

Fear 6: Fear of Public Places-the fear of public places is limiting since the person that is experiencing the fear often finds themselves isolated from others. In order to overcome this fear, you will need to take it slowly. Start with public places that are “less” public. Quiet locations with minimal traffic and slowly work your way up to larger more crowded places. For example, visiting Times Square New Year’s Eve might not be the best solution for someone that has a fear of public places.

When it comes to fear, it can either consume you or be your motivation to propel you forward into the world.