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3 Positive Usages of Music in Daily Life



People interact with music every day in their lives, whether they realize it or not; it’s played in elevators, in the backgrounds of ads, in shows and movies, on cellphones, and car-radios. What people are probably not so much aware of is how music itself can affect them in their routines. A pleasant tone in an ad could allow you to make the connection between general happiness and the product itself, making you more likely to buy the product at a later time.

A sad melody in the background of a tragedy helps you make a sympathetic connection with the situation you’re being presented with. When in a waiting area, an elevator, or being on hold with customer service, sounds, like soft jazz, are often played,  having been meant to keep you in a pleasant state of mind while waiting for the interactions to come. Now once you realize this connection between music and your daily routine, you can step to influence it as you see fit. Here are some examples to keep in mind in case you decide to use music to influence your daily routine:


If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, then you’re probably also trying to work out a balanced exercise routine to coincide with it. You need to determine what your fitness goals will be before you start your routine, but once you do, you should try to work in some music as it’s needed. Different types of music can influence the workouts you are doing and should depend on your strategy. If you’re trying to remain constant in your task, like maintaining a steady speed on a distance run, then you should be listening to something that would work well with an inner mantra, something smooth and flowing.

If you’re trying to overcome a limit or goal, like maximizing your weight on the bench-press, then you should be listening to something that will set a strong tempo, something that could end in a powerful crescendo, which would aid you in your goal. If this doesn’t work for you, however, you should be listening to something that will at least keep you in a positive frame of mind, as to help you keep that mindset when working out in the future.


Stress is detrimental to your overall health, so the remaining stress-free would be very desirable on a daily basis. With this in mind, you should take some time out of your day for yourself to decompress from whatever could be ailing you. Your favorite music usually makes you happy, so you should try to listen to it during this time if you can. Once again, like during exercise, it’s about using music to maintain a positive frame of mind for yourself. Something you view as being outwardly positive can have a very powerful inward effect.


When practicing a mental activity, like mathematics, programming, or blue-printing, you may have trouble remembering certain things for future usage. However, if you listen to music that plays calmly in the background, you may be able to better relax and focus on your given task. What’s more, if what you’re doing needs to be repeated on a regular basis, having the same music playing could be helpful in establishing a memorizable mental routine that coincides with the physical one. Using the same music for the same given tasks can help orient your mind for more-prepared future usage.

You’re affected by music every day. How you want it to affect you for the better is up to you.