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Bowling – Get a Workout from Your Night Out



If the last time you went bowling it was for a party with your friends when you were nine years old, you might not realize that this can be a good form of exercise. Whilst I am not going to suggest that you should quit your gym membership in favor of a bowling night each week, this information about bowling might help you to get more exercise benefits from your night out.

Safety First: Avoiding Bowling Injuries

Like any kind of exercise, it’s best to warm up a little before you begin to make sure that you don’t overstretch muscles or jolt joints. Stretching your arms, touching your toes, bending your knees and wiggling your fingers are all good ways to prepare. The last one may raise a smile on many peoples’ faces, but it is possible to get fingers stuck in bowling balls! Getting them warm means they expand before they are in the holes and not after! Remember to pick the right weight for you, bend with your knees when you lift a ball, and use both hands. And it goes without saying that you should bowl carefully – don’t drop the ball on your toes or throw it out behind you!

Effects of Bowling on the Body

On average, bowling can burn over 100 calories per hour. This does not make it an especially high impact sport, but it definitely has a place amongst other low-aerobic activities, such as walking and using low-level weights – both of which you will do during a game at the bowling alley! Bowling will use muscles that are not used in everyday life that often, so if you regularly stretch and maintain flexibility through an activity such as yoga you are likely to feel the benefits when it comes to bowling.

Watch the Snacks

It goes without saying that if you are trying to treat bowling as a sport you need to take a healthy approach to everything you do there. It does not matter how much you bend and stretch or what weight you choose if you are swigging beer or eating snacks between each round you are undoing a lot of good work. Consider bringing in dried fruit or non-salted nuts to eat if you think you’ll get hungry and stick to water and fruit juice if you are trying to lose weight.

Go With Friends

The best reason to exercise through bowling is the fact that it is fun and doesn’t feel like exercise. If you have had a stressful week at work, getting a few close friends together for the shared goal of knocking down pins is a tremendous way to generate those anti-stress endorphins. You could even be nostalgic and arrange a bowling party. It will also help you catch up with those close to you, without breaking the bank or requiring you to indulge in a big meal or drinks – and that has to be healthy for everyone.