How to Quit Smoking Without Breaking the Bank

If you are ready to take the plunge and end your life of addiction to cigarettes and tobacco, you may be wondering where to start, and you may be scared if this is really something you can conquer. And even scarier could be the cost. While a pack of cigarettes is expensive, so are patches, medications and the extra food everyone tells you that you will undoubtedly eat to avoid cravings.

Luckily, there are new ways around this pocketbook strain to get yourself healthy and living a smoke-free life.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Change your habits.

Studies show that it takes up to 30 days to form a new habit. Give yourself this amount of time to set new habits that get you away from the patterns where you smoked and on to other daily routines so that you are less likely to crave a cigarette throughout the day. For example, if you had a cigarette before your morning cup of coffee, take a walk instead to get moving and get your mind off the craving. You will be surprised how much this can help.

  • Track your progress and reward yourself.

Set milestones along the way and give yourself small rewards when you reach them. Smoking is not a reward. Instead, buy yourself a small and affordable item you have always wanted, or treat yourself to a dinner out on the town. This way, you will have something to look forward to, and instead of rewarding yourself every day for not smoking, you can save money and really give yourself something to look forward to. Smaller goals feel more reachable than larger ones, and therefore, they are more effective when trying to conquer something.

  • Ask your doctor for help.

Quitting smoking is not easy. Doctors are equipped with the ability to help provide you with prescription drugs to take the edge off the cravings and help you get through until you stop craving cigarettes all together. While there is no doubt that these cessation medications are helpful, many people avoid them because of the high cost. However, there discount medication programs, such as Big Apple Rx that provide savings automatically without having to sign up for any plan or pay any co-pay to be a part of.

Check out a list of NYC discount pharmacies to find the one closest to you and get started on the road to a smoke-free life today!

Cameron enjoys writing about various topics. One of them happens to be health. If you’d like to learn more about Big Apple RX.

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