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Top 5 Exercise You Can Do While Sitting at Work



With the obesity rate on the rise in the United States, more people are trying to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. For someone with an office job, it may be difficult to actually make this happen, especially if they are stuck sitting at a desk for an extended period of time. Many people use the excuse of having to sit all day at work as their reason for their lack of exercise. However, there are a number of exercises that can actually be performed in the office and even at an office desk. These exercises are simple, and they can truly benefit people who are looking to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit.

Personal Space Exercises

People who work in their own private office can enjoy a number of different exercises, even if they do not have too much space. There are a number of different exercises that help people burn calories and lose weight, all of which can be performed in the office room. Some of these exercises include:

    • Jumping Jacks

Jogging in Place


Yoga is definitely a popular exercise for the office. It does not require too much movement, but it is still beneficial for the body. Aside from being good for the body, yoga is also a calming and relaxing type of exercise. It is best for individuals to perform some yoga stretches and positions during their lunch break or whenever they have a free minute to do something different. People who have their own office can also do lunges and shadow boxing. Shadowboxing is a fun cardiovascular workout that allows people to burn off calories at a fast pace.

Cubicle Exercises

For those who have to share work office space, typically sitting at a cubicle, it can be a bit more challenging to fit exercise into their daily routine. Even though it may be more challenging, it is still entirely possible. For starters, someone who sits at a cubicle can do different stretches with their legs and arms. These stretches help to get the body prepared for more exercise.

If possible, the individual can also bring in an exercise foot petal. The foot pedal can sit under the desk, and the individual can easily petal on it throughout the day. This gives the legs and the entire lower body a workout. The legs will become stronger and they will also gain muscle. People who sit at a cubicle should also take a walk during their lunch break because it is always good to move around, especially after having to sit down in the same position for several hours.

Exercise That Cannot Be Seen

It is also entirely possible for individuals to do different exercises without having anyone notice what they are doing. Butt clenches are a type of exercise that helps to keep the buttocks tight. Tightening the buttocks together and holding it in for several seconds, and then letting go and repeating the process can make a huge difference in the appearance of the behind. The good thing about exercising is that there are tons of different exercises that can be performed, all of which are truly beneficial.