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3 Ways to Rev Up Your Healthcare Management Career in 2013



Healthcare management is a hot career field now. Even in a down economy, a variety of clinical and nonclinical jobs exist within this niche of the medical field. Many people want to gain entry into the healthcare industry because it is known as a boon for job seekers. Some ways that experienced healthcare management professionals may maintain their competitive edge is by attending training, networking, and strategic volunteering. These techniques also work to an extent for those desiring to gain entry into the healthcare management career field.

Healthcare Management Positions and Training

Obtaining continuous education and training is one way that people may enhance their careers in healthcare management. The key to gaining the right type of training is knowing the specializations within the healthcare management career field and matching training to job interests.

Positions held by medical professionals include:

ECPI is known as an online technical trade school. Its School of Health Science offers a variety of training options to include an associate degree in health information management and medical administration. These two-year degree programs give healthcare management professionals the training and basic credentials to cross into other medical positions.

Healthcare management professionals already in the medical sales field or those who would like to become medical device salespeople may be interested in the course offerings of Medical Sales College. The college insists that the career field is not for everyone, but those who commit themselves to take their program experience a high job placement rate. Student commitment and partnerships with medical device sales recruiters and human resource managers are the keys to the Medical Sales College’s successful formula for obtaining over an 83% job placement rate for its graduating students.

Networking By Associations

Just as Medical Sales College is successful through its networking efforts with recruiters, individual healthcare management professionals may use their networking skills to make important career-enhancing contacts. The most efficient way to locate the best recruiters in the healthcare management field is by attending professional conferences and symposiums. While these venues present healthcare professionals with a target-rich environment, it is up to the individual to make the most of the opportunity. It is important to come to these events prepared. One should not just take the business cards of the medical recruiting agents; healthcare professionals should be prepared to submit resumes or at least business cards of their own. These individuals should also attend these events looking for their best professional selves and consider the event as an informal interview opportunity.

Another opportunity for healthcare professionals to enhance career opportunities in 2013 is to join one or more healthcare associations. Joining and participating in medical associations are great 2013 resolutions for healthcare professionals. Some common medical associations include the American Medical Association, the American Healthcare Association, the National Healthcare Career Network, and the American Hospital Association.

Volunteering Earns Big Dividends

According to the career analysts at, employers absolutely love healthcare management professionals that volunteer using their much-needed healthcare skills. Besides the altruistic nature of healthcare volunteerism, employers see that healthcare professionals who volunteer are proactive about gaining valuable experience in the healthcare field. Volunteering in the healthcare industry is also another networking opportunity. Healthcare professionals who volunteer successfully at an organization already have an advantage for hiring purposes over some new faces. Some healthcare organizations that take volunteers are the American Red Cross, the Veterans Administration Hospital, and many private hospitals around the country. Some volunteering organizations even offer faith-based, international medical volunteer opportunities.