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Winter Hair Care Tips – Keep Your Hair Hydrated and Looking Lush



Every girl knows that winter can play absolute havoc with your hair as if you didn’t have enough bad hair days during the summer you’ve now got to contend with statically charged, dry hair! Winter can really take its toll on your hair, what with all the cold blustery winds, the pouring rain, the ice and snow, and that essential central heating – that’s a lot for your locks to deal with!

So the best thing to do is change your hair care regime to suit the season! Here are some top tips to help keep your hair looking gorgeous this winter:

Top tips to Tame Flyaway Hair:

There’s something about the crisp winter air that creates a ridiculous amount of static causing our hair to literally stand on end! But don’t worry there are a few things you can do to help tame that flyaway hair:

• A brush with natural bristles will help calm your static hair and you probably already have one of these lying around the house somewhere. A slightly more unusual hair product but one that works just as well as a gold plated comb, they are specifically designed to neutralize your charged strands of hair.
• If you use straighteners regularly, make sure you always use specific styling products that will not only protect your hair; it will smooth down any frizzy bits.
• If you’ve finished styling your hair and you still have some of those really annoying strands that just will not lie flat you can try using anti-frizz products or a serum.
• If your hair is really flyaway during the winter months you should get into the habit of using a leave-in conditioner, this will not only condition your hair, it will also build up a layer of thin-film around your hair which will help protect it from the winter air.
• Another tip is to dye your hair a darker shade during the winter months, this gives you a more natural look whilst being gentler on your hair than going lighter as this is harder on your hair structure and can dry it out. On-trend colors for winter 2012 include plums, mahoganies, and chocolate browns.
• The Classic Solution: Use hairspray! It has an anti-static effect, spray it on your hair or lightly spray it on your hands and then spread it over your hair.

How to Keep Your Hair Moisturised and Looking Lush:

The winter weather can not only make your hair look like it’s lacking its natural shine but it can really dry it out so it’s important to get a moisture intensive hair care routine in place to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy during the winter months.

• In order to keep that naturally shiny hair you love so much, you should invest in good quality, shampoo, and conditioner. When you’re in the shower, wash, and conditioner your hair then blasts it with cold water, this may sound a bit unpleasant but it will help seal in the conditioner. Doing this will make your hair easier to style and it adds extra shine – its win-win!
• A hair treatment mask is a really good idea during the winter months so try to do it once a week as part of your hair care routine. The Argan Sublime range of hair care products does a particularly good mask that contains argan oil and mica golden crystals that nourish and revitalize your hair.
• Your hair may already be a bit damaged from the summer months (if you were lucky enough to be exposed to the sun and sea!), and now your hair needs to be nourished from within. You can do this by making sure your good quality shampoo and conditioner are moisture intensive, look for products with the word ‘replenish’ in them and you won’t go far wrong.
• Give your hair a bit of a revamp and get rid of split ends. You should have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks but now is the ideal time to get it cut to prevent the split ends from getting worse in the cold weather.
• Try not to leave the house with wet hair, even if you’re in a rush! The cold weather can actually freeze the cuticle which can cause it to break.

So what are you waiting for? Get your winter hair care routine sorted and you’ll have luscious locks before you know it. No more bad hair days for you this winter… well not quite as many!