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Summer Heat And Hair Care



When exposed to harsh conditions, such as during the summer, your hair can suffer from it. Sun, wind and water is a wonderful combination but perhaps not to your hair, at least not in big doses. A long day at the beach can be relaxing and comfortable but the sun can be quite merciless to your hair. We are well aware of the necessity of protecting our bodies from the sun using sunscreen but, not seldom we tend to be perhaps a little bit careless when it comes to our hair. UV radiation, salty water, hot winds, all this might leave your hair dry and in need of repair. To avoid this, here are some useful tips that allow you to have the wonderful day at the beach as well as healthy hair.

Protect your hair

In the summertime, your hair is exposed to the sun throughout lazy days at the beach as well as during lush days in the city. There are many ways to protect your hair. One of the most effective is to not expose your hair to the sun at all, especially by using a hat or a head scarf. A hat also protects your skin effectively and you don’t have to worry about dry hair or sun burn. We are all individuals and the tips that works great on your friend’s hair may not work on yours. Your hairdresser knows your hair, next time at the hair salon; ask what might be good for you.

Avoid dryness

The summer is a wonderful time of the year but it is also a time when your hair is exposed to a lot of things that can cause considerable dryness to your hair. At the beach the gentle sea breeze can cause dryness, especially combined with long hours of sun and bathing in salty water. In the city, smog and heat from the concrete has a similar impact. And do not forget that the perspiration that is unavoidable in the summertime also dries both hair and skin. Another “trap” is the products that we use throughout the year; as good as they are during winter, autumn and spring, when exposed to the harsh conditions of summer they can be quite exhausting to your hair.

To most people, the best tip is to use more gentle products. The ones you use on a daily basis may be top quality but perhaps not during the summer. If you use the best products and your hair is still dry, try another shampoo or conditioner. Ask your hairdresser for tips. Remember, your hair salon knows best.

Good tips for different situations

Most of us have found the right shampoo and the right conditioner; however there are times when they are not completely up to their task. Take for example after swimming in a pool, even if you wash your hair properly afterwards, your shampoo may not totally get rid of the chlorine. Make sure you use shampoo and conditioner that does just that. There is no use in being cheap on the expense of your hair. When in doubt, ask your hairdresser to test some new products, you will probably see the results right away.

Be careful with the hair dryer. Your hair will dry anyway and why not adapt to that? Use gentle styling products and let the wind dry your hair, we all love the feeling of that, don’t we?

A lot of products got alcohol in them. As effective as they may be, they may also dry your hair. Spare your hair of that, at least in the summertime. There should be plenty of other alternatives at your hair salon.