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Fight Depression with Travelling



Believe it or not but the disease of today’s’ society is not cancer or AIDS, no matter how dangerous they are. Depression is what is considered the ‘virus’ that sticks to the mind and deprives adults of their finest years of life. It may not sound serious to some or may seem like a whim to others, but this is a hazardous medical condition that can lead to lethal results. Underestimation shouldn’t be an option.

Depression is believed to most frequently appear in areas where there is some kind of a disaster, war, or extreme misery. So, this is not only a problem of the bourgeois, as it is commonly perceived. It’s true that in poorer countries people tend to be more united, as opposed to being an individualistic society, but they have a hell of a lot more to worry about, which explains the situation with the disease in question.

Witnessing any kind of violent activity, whether coming from war or high levels of crime, causes post-traumatic stress. These are the facts about depression according to the World Health Organization. In such countries problems like being unable to provide food for your kids occur every day. A devastating thought can lead to constant anxiety.

If your depression is not caused by your social status, meaning poverty or deprivation, maybe traveling can help. The fact that you can afford to travel compared to people who don’t have that choice simply because they literally count the coins in their pockets to the last one has to make you feel slightly better. Why not use the chance of going on a trip just because you can. See new places, get to know unfamiliar cultures, bring some variety into your life.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you just can’t see it now. Reading positive statements might not be enough for you. That’s why you have to get into action. Travel and explore the world around you. Sometimes you have to get away from the familiar and enter into the wild and unknown. Being apart from the environment you’re used to can make a difference. Dark and depressing thoughts can be kept under control as you conquer the world one village at a time.

The point of all this is to experience something new, to see for yourself that the world outside your home has something great to offer you. Today it’s London, tomorrow it’s Paris. You don’t necessarily have to go out of the country. Go out of bed first, and then out of town. Talk to the locals. Organize a vacation. But avoid places that might evoke certain kinds of negative emotions. Beauty is everywhere around; you just have to realize it yourself. Instead of closing, you can try something different this time – open up to what you’ve been missing. Reluctance is unacceptable.

The change should come from within first, meaning that you have to want something to change instead of falling deeper into the tricks your mind is playing with you. Flip the switch. Say ‘No’ to depression by fighting back, by doing something to help yourself.