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How Should You Pack Cosmetics when Moving?



Moving to another house is a lot of work.  Boxes have to be packed, loaded, unloaded and unpacked.  Many people have opened up the box or bag that they packed their beauty products in and have discovered that somewhere in the movie, one of the bottles leaked.  Besides unpacking, a clean-up effort must begin – not to mention the loss of some of your products.  How can this situation be avoided while moving?

To Pack or Not To Pack

Before you start throwing bottles and tubes in your toiletries bag or box, think about what should come with and what should stay behind.  Ask yourself if it is worth packing an old bottle of shampoo that has a small amount left.  It may be easier and safer to buy a new bottle when you are moved in.  By leaving things out, you will save yourself time by not trying to pack all of these items.  Plus, you will be potentially avoiding an explosion of liquid or cream.

How to Pack

There are steps you can take to avoid a cosmetic catastrophe in your bag or box.  The best way to pack your cosmetics is in a plastic-lined bag.  If an explosion does occur, the spill will be contained; it won’t ooze out and spill onto other boxes around it.  Find a plastic-lined bag that contains a couple of compartments.  If a spill should occur, the spill will be limited to the compartment and clean-up and destruction to other products will be lessened.


Once you have your plastic-lined bag, keep similar items together.  Put liquids in the first compartment, creams in the second compartment, and dry items in the third compartment.  Another easy way to prevent spills is to tape the lids of your bottles to ensure that they will not leak or spill during the move.  When the actual move takes place, don’t throw this bag in with the rest of your boxes and bags.  Either take it with you in the car or place it in an area where nothing will be on top of it.  This will prevent any other item from crushing it or puncturing the bag.

Happy Moving!

If you carefully follow these steps and pack carefully, you will be able to avoid a beauty product headache.  Purge unneeded and unnecessary items, find a proper bag or box to move your items, carefully pack your beauty products by type, and find a nice place in the car for the bag or box to go.  Plan ahead and you will have added peace of mind during the move.