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Why Vintage is So Darn Cool



What goes around comes around and from antiques to music if it’s stylish and original then the chances are it will be here forever. The same can be said for fashion and if you’re looking for the latest trend then ignore the cut and paste high street stores and head for the markets, clothes fairs, and second-hand stores that are brimming over with funky vintage gear that will increase your cool rating to way beyond 11.

There are so many ways that retro is king and queen of the here and now and if you’ve paid attention to Kirstie Allsopp and all the other junk jazzers on TV then you’ll be left in no uncertain terms that you have the power to create a vintage style for a fraction of the modern cost.

Below are five different areas where retro rules and if you’re scratching your head and wondering what all the fuss is about then check this lot out and you’ll be swinging and shaking like it’s 1949.

From junk shops to boot fairs, getting hold of an old-fashioned sofa, armchair, or coffee table for a bargain price goes way beyond a passing fad. Once you’ve got hold of your ancient item then the fun can really start as you apply paint, upholstery, and a bit of TLC to ensure you’re left with an authentically styled piece of shabby chic loveliness that you can cherish and adore for years to come.

Charity stores and second-hand shops are dotted throughout most towns and cities, often located within the same area which makes a weekend shopping hop all the more enticing. It may take a bit of time to rifle through all of those racks and shelves however, once you spot a genuine retro piece, it will all be worthwhile. Yes, washing is advisable but once you’ve got it smelling of lemons then that old hat is going to look just Jim Dandy.

Now, no way am I going to suggest a trawl through the second-hand shops for vintage lingerie because, no matter how ‘nearly new’ those knickers are, they’re never going to feel silky smooth and comfortable as you really want. Splash out a bit and check out the fab underwear fashions online or at an independent boutique and before long you’ll be the forces sweetheart and breaking more hearts than Jane Russell and Diana Dors.

Shows like Strictly Come Dancing has brought jiving and jitterbugging to a modern audience and no matter what you’re into swing, tea-dancing, or good old-fashioned rock & roll, there’s a club or a Palais nearby where it’s all going off. Grab your partner, get some lessons, and find out why shimmying and shaking never goes out of style. This is what your grandma and granddad used to do back in the day and if it wasn’t for that Big Band sound, you may never have been born!

There’s simply nothing cooler than cruising along the coast in a classic car and if you’ve got the beans to upkeep and run one of these babies then you won’t need me to tell you that the road is yours and yours alone. E-type Jags, RHD Roadsters, and Aston Martins all completely and utterly foot the bill and if you feel the need for speed and sophistication then drive on baby, drive on.

So there you have it, true vintage gear never goes out of fashion and if you’re cool enough to have your finger on the pulse then you’ll also be brave enough to set the trend no matter how square your high street. It’s up to you how far you want to take things but if you can picture yourself in a convertible Aston Martin, heading for the South of France while wearing your best 1940’s outfit, including your vintage underwear, then let the good times roll!