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Natural Remedies for Thrush



Thrush is no joke. It’s common as hell, itchy, painful, embarrassing and not to mention expensive. If you’re going through a number of pessary and cream treatments every month, then it might be time for a change. Going au natural might be for you.


Thrush is an imbalance of yeast in your body. We all have certain amounts of it milling about in our bodies, but thrush occurs where things get out of balance. Thrush is characterized by an uncomfortable itching and comes with thick, white, discolored discharge. It can occur in the mouth but is it most common in the vagina.

To deal with the most common symptom from thrush, itching, you can try bathing your vagina in 100% natural yogurt. This should soothe and cool it down.


Loose cotton clothing is a must. Cotton underwear, skirts or loose trousers are good too. Try to avoid synthetic underwear for a while, along with tights and spandex trousers. At night, wear nothing on your bottom half. You need lots of natural air down there.

When washing, only use water, or at a push stick with aqueous cream. This can be used as a cream for your body and a cleanser all over. Often strong perfumed products sit in sensitive areas, causing irritation. When actually washing, avoid douching, scrubbing, or sponging the affected area. Letting cool, clean water run over you is all you need.

When eating and drinking, avoid alcohol, yeast, and sugary foods. These will all feed the yeast infection. Most people forget that beer, bread, and marmite are all big on the no-no list. Stick to natural fruit in small doses, lean meat, and vegetables. Prevention from the inside needs to be used with natural remedies for thrush in order to actually make a difference.

End of Your Tether?

It’s not often spoken about, but a woman’s parts all come in different shapes and sizes. Some vaginas and labia are larger than others; it has recently been discovered that excess skin and heat can be a cause of recurrent thrush. If thrush is a constant battle that never ever seems to get solve,d then you may need to take more permanent action. For some women, they see a cosmetic surgeon and have an assessment. If it’s deemed suitable, the excess skin is removed and there is a lower risk of thrush returning. The first step is to speak to women who have been in the same position as you.