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Medical Supplies for Hurricane Preparedness



Like many families, you may already have a pretty solid emergency plan in place at home for situations such as a fire or an earthquake. However, with the recent media coverage surrounding the many hurricanes that America has been experiencing, it is wise to add hurricane preparedness on the family list of plans as well.

While it is likely you already have some form of kit full of supplies to sustain the family through disasters, there are many medical supplies that need to also be acquired in the event that your family is caught in the midst of a hurricane.

Antibiotic Ointments

An antibiotic solution is imperative and crucial when needing to prevent the infection of an injury. They are your first defense against microbial diseases. You should apply this ointment immediately following the cleansing of an open would with another very important medical must-have:

Antiseptic Wipes

These wipes can be purchased at any drug store. They should be placed into the emergency kit you have on-hand and checked periodically for expiration. Antiseptic wipes are superior to that of the alcohol variety as they also have a germ-killing agent known as benzalkonium chloride. This powerful product not only effectively kills any lingering germs alcohol might miss, but it can do so without causing further damage or irritation to the wound.

Self-Bonding Gauze

Gauze can now be purchased in a material that bonds to itself without being sticky to the touch. This product is necessary for any cuts or burns that might be too big for most band-aids. It can also offer some support for smaller broken bones such as toes or fingers when wrapped properly.

Eye Patches and Saline Solution

Many families don’t anticipate the high winds and flying debris that comes along with a hurricane. Exposure to this can cause dirt and debris to irritate the eyes and eventually cause injury to the cornea that can lead to infection. To prevent this, it is important to thoroughly flush the eye out with a sterile saline solution that can also be found in any drug store. Once the eye is fully cleansed, placing an eye patch over it can prevent rubbing and other further irritation.

Medical Gloves

Another item many emergency kits are without are sterile, medical gloves. Many times during a catastrophic event, people will need to be treating those who are too injured or young to treat themselves. As a protection to both you and the individual in need, the use of these gloves can keep bodily fluids from touching the skin and other outside germs from entering a wound when being dressed.

Having a full and complete hurricane preparedness kit is an essential addition to any home and car. While food, water, and heat might be the only thing you and your family hopefully need, it is still important to be prepared for even some of the most challenging situations in order to be able to sustain and protect you and your family until further help becomes available.