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Top 5 Recipes For Healthy Food



In case you want to maintain a healthy weight and are careful about what you eat then you surely know that healthy food is of great importance for leading a healthy life. Here are five recipes for healthy food that can give you ideas for your next meals and point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing what is healthy as opposed to what is just tasty.

1. Spinach salad with nectarine

This is quite a healthy recipe since this meal contains a lot of spinach which can supply you with a sufficient amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is of great importance when it comes to the health of your bones. Spinach also contains other nutrients that contribute to the health of your bones such as magnesium and calcium. Spinach even contains healthy flavonoids, which will keep you safe from prostate and ovarian cancer. It can definitely be included in healthy foods.

2. Marinated tomato salad

Each ingredient in such a salad has great nutritional value and health benefits. Tomatoes are known to be rich in lycopene that is very important for the protection of DNA and prevention of cellular oxidative damage. The basil contains volatile oils that provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory traits. The olive oil that is used for such a salad provides monosaturated fats that are helpful in maintaining a healthy heart through eating healthy food.

3. Black bean burger

Beans are a great ingredient for every healthy recipe. They are loaded with a lot of proteins but do not contain unhealthy fats as well as cholesterol that are common for animal-based sources of proteins. Beans are also rich in fibers and help to slow down the rise in blood sugar after the consumption of the meal.

4. Salmon with citrus salsa

Salmon is a great ingredient for many delicious meals and the best thing about it is that it is low on calories. Also, you get a boost of the protein that builds our muscles as well as fatty acids omega-3. These are quite important for the health of your heart but also help for a stronger immunity system, improved mental health, and eyesight. In addition to all of these, you get all the benefits of the citrus salsa which provides you with high doses of many vitamins. The combination between both will surely leave you satisfied, provided with many needed nutrients and most importantly – with not that many calories to burn.

5. Blueberry smoothie

At first glance, you might mistake this recipe for a smoothie for the now popular ones, but you shouldn’t compare them as this is a completely healthy food recipe and the ones that you purchase in fast food joints are nowhere close to that. Blueberries are a really powerful anti-oxidant as they contain the blue pigment anthocyanin. Another great feature that the blueberries have is their naturally small amount of calories, which makes them the perfect low-calorie fruit drink. Not to mention the great taste that you will get from this really delicious fruit mixture.