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Three Surprising Ways a Nice Smile Can Lead to a Brighter Future



Your smile says a lot about you without you even uttering a word. If you never open your mouth when you smile or you always bring your hand up to cover your mouth when you smile, laugh, or talk – that often signals to the people around you that you are trying to hide your mouth, your teeth, and your smile.

If some of your teeth are crooked, discolored, or missing, your smile may reflect that you don’t have good hygiene, you don’t care about your looks, or that you are not in good health. No matter what your particular situation, there are always ways, resources, and solutions to having and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry. A nice smile can lead to a brighter future in several surprising ways.

One surprising way a nice smile can lead to a brighter future is through the way you are perceived by others. In a survey of over 1,000 Americans, findings showed that people with straight teeth were perceived to be more socially-inclined, have a more pleasant personality, and be more successful in life.

Further, 45% of those surveyed believed a nice smile significantly increased a candidate’s chance of getting hired over someone who has crooked teeth. In addition, people with straight teeth were perceived as having more wealth (being able to pay for cosmetic dentistry), a higher intelligence (understood the benefits of a nice smile), and healthy (saw the connection between healthy gums and teeth and how they affect the body).

In addition to a person with a nice smile being perceived by others in a more positive light than a person with a crooked, broken, or discolored smile, a beautiful smile can also inspire self-confidence in the individual. While it is important in life to have other people have the correct perception of you, it is just as important – if not more – to feel comfortable, confident, and successful with yourself.

While the aesthetic benefits of having straight and white teeth are seemingly countless, the health benefits are just as rewarding and vital to a brighter future.  A healthy, normal bite helps to avoid many dental problems in the future.

When teeth are not aligned properly they can become cramped and even more crooked making it difficult to chew and ensure a nutritious, balanced diet throughout your lifetime.  A good, daily oral hygiene regime that includes flossing and brushing can not only avoid tarter build-up and bone loss but also ensure healthy gums and breath.

Why wouldn’t you want to enhance your social and professional positions in life, improve your confidence, and contribute to your overall health and well-being? A nice smile can open up doors and avenues you never knew were available and lead you to a future full of opportunity.