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Four Bugs That Can Kill!



There are billions of insects in the world. These tiny creatures make up an important part of our natural ecosystem by helping clean things up and providing food for larger life forms. However, some insects can defend themselves, and may even seek you out for food. Here are four of the most dangerous bugs that can kill people.

1. Giant Asian Hornet

This hornet can reach up to three inches in length. It is a massive bug that will chase its victims down the street and sting repeatedly when threatened. The giant Asian hornet lives in hives like honeybees, but unlike honeybees doesn’t live on honey. They actually go out and decimate beehives in packs of just twenty or thirty bees. They also take the bee larva back to their own hive to feast on and feed to their own young. The giant Asian hornet has a number of toxins in its sting, one of which is acetylcholine, a pain-causing chemical, present in higher concentrations than any other stinging insect. The Asian hornet has been known to kill.

2. African Ants

The African ant is the scourge of many a scary movie. These insects normally don’t cause a problem, but every few years, the whole colony will march through the jungle devouring whatever edible person, plant, or animal is in its path. Most people in these areas are able to move out of the path of these marching ants, by simply getting up and running away. However, the very young, injured, and the elderly are overwhelmed by these insects and can die of asphyxiation.

3. Africanized Bees

The Africanized bee has been around for a few decades. It is a hybrid bee that is the result of crossbreeding between the European honey bee and the African honey bee. They were accidentally created when scientists attempted to create a bee that would produce more honey, and also be better suited to a tropical environment. These resulting bees ended up being very aggressive. They managed to escape and are slowly spreading upward throughout the Northern American continent. Unfortunately have stumbled across the hives of these Africanized bees and been swarmed by thousands of bees until they were stung to death.

4. Wasps

The wasp is a nasty little bug that is present all over the world. These insects can form large wasps nests that when disturbed erupt in a mass of hundreds of angry, stinging wasps. Generally, wasps are not as aggressive as hornets and Africanized bees. However, the sting repeatedly and their stings contain a painful toxin. Some people are sensitive to these stings and can go into anaphylactic shock after only receiving just a few stings.

There are many dangerous insects in the world. These are just a few of those that can cause a world of hurt, and some of them can even kill the unlucky few with allergies or who are in a weakened state. The next time you head outside, be on the lookout for that creepy crawlies. Your next encounter with one may be the last.