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Simple Tips To Improve The Health Of Your Teeth



If you brush your teeth twice a day you probably think you are doing a good job of looking after your teeth right? You are actually doing the bare minimum when it comes to oral health.

Studies show brushing while brushing our teeth twice a day is important, you need to be doing other things to support this. Oral health is so important, after all, we only get one set of adult teeth and these have to last for life.


So many of us don’t floss, because we feel like we don’t really know how to. It may be that you find you can’t get the floss in between your teeth properly or it snags and breaks. You can buy floss specially designed for people who have this problem. This will make flossing easier for you.

The piece of floss you use needs to be about the length of your forearm. Wrap the loose end around your middle finger and take a couple of inches of the floss between your index finger and thumb. Once you’ve done this you can then slide the piece of floss in between each tooth, angling it to one side and moving it up and down the side of the tooth, then angle it the other way and do the same. Repeat this in between each tooth.

Floss before you brush!


Are you doing it right? Sounds like a silly question but many of us don’t actually brush our teeth properly. On average we only brush our teeth for 45 seconds, when we need to be brushing for two minutes minimum. We also need to make sure we are brushing behind our teeth and brushing our tongue to eliminate plaque. Lots of toothbrushes come with a brush on the back for your tongue now.

Don’t brush your teeth until an hour after eating either. Brushing too soon after eating can rub any acidity into our teeth causing damage.

Follow flossing with brushing.

Mouth Wash

Some of us use mouth wash as a quick fix when we don’t have time for brushing. Mouth wash should be used as the final step of brushing, not as an alternative. Mouth wash contains antibacterial ingredients to help eliminate bad breath and plaque

Extra Caution

There are a few extra things we can do to keep our teeth in tip-top condition.

  • Try to avoid red wine and coffee as much as possible as they stain your teeth.
  • Try and keep your consumption of sugar to a minimum as sugar causes decay.
  • Keep an eye on your gums, bleeding and receding gums are a sign of gum disease. If you have any of these symptoms go and see your dentist.