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Healthy Pizza Toppings: Satisfy Your Cravings While Eating Right



Are you craving for a slice of mouthwatering pizza topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and four different kinds of cheese? These pizza toppings may sound heavenly to you but surely, your heart and scale will not be as happy. So how can you satisfy your pizza craving without ruining your diet? Is there such a thing as healthy pizza?

A lot of people immediately consider pizza as unhealthy food, one which you must avoid if you are on a fat loss or diet program. Fortunately for pizza lovers who are on a diet, there are healthy topping choices that they can consider. When you choose the right toppings, you can create a well-balanced pizza choice that can still support your weight loss and muscle-building program or get rid of the last layer of body fat to reveal your healthier and leaner body.

Here are some of the most delicious and nutritional pizza toppings that you can choose from.

Ham: This is one of the best pizza toppings since it is high in protein. It has a lower fat percentage than sausage, crumbled bacon, or ground beef. It only has about seven grams of fat per three-ounce serving, which fits perfectly within your daily fat budget.

Parmesan Cheese: A pizza without cheese wouldn’t be complete. If you want to add cheese toppings for your pizza, you must consider getting parmesan cheese. This type of cheese is usually overlooked and ignored but it is a great alternative to regular cheese. Parmesan has higher protein and lower fat percentage. Additionally, this type of cheese contains a lot of calcium. Although it doesn’t offer the same texture as mozzarella cheese, it is still more ideal for healthy eaters.

Low-fat Cheese: If you do not like the taste or texture of parmesan and you want to have the stringy type of cheese on your pizza, you can opt to have low-fat cheese. This type of cheese is low in fat and calories, and is higher in protein as compared to parmesan and mozzarella; thus, it is an excellent choice if you are trying to cut down on meat.

Tomato Sauce: Most pizzas already have tomato sauce, but why not consider adding more? Tomato sauce is rich in lycopene and it may help prevent certain cancers from developing, such as lungs, stomach, and prostate. It is also low in calories with only 79 calories per cup.

Pineapple: If you want your pizza to have a sweet taste to it, you can add some pineapple. One cup of this fruit contains over 100% of your daily recommended manganese which is a very important nutrient that can provide more energy for your body. Pineapple is also an excellent source of Vitamin C and E, which can help promote the eyesight and immune system.

3 Suggestions For Guilt-Free Pizza Toppings

1. Gruyere cheese, bacon, buffalo mince, and BBQ sauce

These pizza toppings definitely sound heavenly and it is definitely guilt-free. The cheese and the buffalo mince are high in leucine that can help build skeletal muscles. The tomato-based BBQ sauce is also high in antioxidants that can get rid of free radicals produced throughout your weight loss and body-building program. These pizza toppings beat drinking protein shake any day.

2. Light mozzarella, beef, and black pepper

Before you react about eating mozzarella, you need to go for the low-fat kind to save on calories while getting enough casein. This is a protein that is very useful in losing body fat. Additionally, small amounts of saturated fat from the beef can help maintain your muscle mass. Lastly, the black pepper can help control your appetite so you don’t have to worry about binge eating.

3. Bacon, pineapple, and sweetcorn

The benefits of eating pineapple were mentioned earlier, but you can make your pizza more appetizing by adding some bacon and sweetcorn. You can consider using nitrate-free bacon which can protect you from chemicals that can damage your DNA. In addition, sweetcorn contains ferulic acid which is a property for anti-aging.