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SensorPEDIC Slumber Memory Foam Mattress Toppers



SensorPEDIC Slumber Supreme 2-inch 5-zoned memory foam mattress topper is constructed from exclusive odor-free memory foam that has undergone molding into five unique and basic comfort zones that provide just the right amount of pressure to these corresponding zones on the human body.

SensorPEDIC memory foam technology

This includes the head, shoulders, upper back, lower back, and hips. These pressure zones ensure that the corresponding body parts are relieved of pressure thus enabling free circulation of blood through them. With adequate circulation and perfusion with blood, these parts do not experience the numbness that is usually as a result of pressure-induced poor circulation. Therefore the person wakes up rejuvenated having slept comfortably.

The covers or toppers are made from a two hundred and fifty-gram weight, triple-layer circular knit fabric that has added protection against staining and is easy to clean. The toppers also come with a stretch to fit polyester skirt that keeps them in place and avoids irritation that would arise due to shifting or bunching. The skirts also promote a better sheet fit, which ensures sheets made for that bed size fit it.

The toppers come in various types, names, and sizes. This includes the king-size, the queen size, and the full size. The differences arise in the sizes and dimensions. The full-size topper has the following dimensions: 73 x 52 x 2 inches and eleven pounds.

The queen size measures: 59-inch by 79-inch and finally the king-size measures 76-inch by 79-inch.  However, they are all two inches thick.

Advantages of foam toppers by SensorPEDIC bedding.

These toppers are associated with certain advantages that have made them very popular with many people. One, the toppers can be used with old mattresses and make them better and appear newer. They are easy to clean as accorded by their anti-stain treatment.

Easy to spreadsheets due to their polyester stretch to fit skirts that promote better sheet fit.   The toppers being sensitive to temperature provide responsive support to body parts. Upper body elevation can alleviate conditions such as nasal congestion, gastric acid reflux, snoring, and even respiratory distress. Lower body elevation reduces limb swelling.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong by selecting any kind of memory foam mattress topper; however, memory foam brands such as SensorPEDIC bedding has established themselves as one of the most reputable memory foam producers within the bedding and mattress industry. Opting to purchase a topper by this brand is a way to make sure you receive quality at its finest and not to mention a much more comfortable sleep.