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Understanding Hypnotherapy: How Does It Work?



Hypnotherapy is a method that has been used and trusted for hundreds of years and is one of the only healing methods found in nearly every culture. The word Hypnotherapy comes from the Greek ‘Hypnos,’ meaning to ‘sleep’. And it’s as simple as that. The patient is put into a ‘sleep-like’ state of mind in order to achieve a beneficial change. Hypnotherapy can be highly effective and millions swear by it.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be used to cure a multitude of sins, from undesired feelings to unwanted habits and even psychological disorders. But this all depends on the individual. Not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis. The relationship between the client and the therapist is key as if the client is not relaxed; chances are the hypnosis will not be successful. When successful, hypnosis addresses the client’s subconscious mind, using the client’s imagination and will to change. The sleep-like state that is needed during hypnosis should make the individual feel profoundly relaxed; this is achieved by the therapist’s own methods, which can include softly spoken specific words to alter the state of mind. It is true that through conscious effort a person may be able to resist hypnosis, but if willingly received the results can be highly successful and for some, life-altering.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

There is a long list of disorders, addictions, and habits that can be cured by hypnotherapy. Some may question, if we are aware of our problems why can we not address them our selves. It is suggested that our conscious mind only makes up 15% of ourselves. The subconscious mind is much greater, and we are unable to access this to make the positive changes we desire. Once in this state induced by hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind can be accessed and positively changed by the therapist. Leaving us feeling like we have a new outlook on life.  Habits, addictions and just our attitude towards life are all deeply rooted and something we, unfortunately, cannot change alone. But for hundreds of years, we have found that our attitudes and habits can be completely eliminated and improved due to hypnotherapy. Ensuring we can live the lives we desire.

Does it Actually Work?

Hypnotherapy does work! Countless studies have been carried out on this age-old method. A study of 43 smokers in 2001 was carried out by Washington school of medicine, at the follow up three years later 90.6% reported success in quitting smoking after receiving hypnotherapy. A similar study was taken out on 30 women who were at least 20% overweight, at the follow-up points of 8 months and 2 years all women reported having lost a significant amount of weight after receiving hypnotherapy. Specifically for quitting smoking and losing weight hypnotherapy has proven to be the most effective method, and continues to be effective across a huge spectrum of disorders and habits.