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Different Types Of Heart Surgery



Whenever referring to heart surgery the doctor will basically make a reference for one surgical procedure that aims to replace blocked coronary arteries by taking veins from lower patient extremities. In most cases the procedure sees the patient being placed on heart bypass machines.

Surgeons will perform the operation on a heart that is not beating and life quality is always improved for the one suffering from a heart ailment. The great news is that medical science came up with many different surgeries that can be performed. Let us talk about the most common heart surgeries that you might end up being faced with.

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting – commonly referred to as CABG, this is a really often met heart surgery. It is usually done when the patient is suffering from serious coronary artery disease. The disease sees plaque being accumulated inside patient arteries, which get blocked and this leads to a reduced heart muscle blood flow. The surgery helps because the doctor takes one vein from the patient’s leg or chest and then connects problematic arteries in a way that will bypass the blockage.
  • TLR (Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization) – this is a heart surgery type that is regularly done in order to take care of angina. It is usually considered as being the last heart surgery option and is done whenever other treatment options did not work. Laser technology is utilized in order to create heart muscle channels. This allows blood to directly flow right from heart chambers towards your heart muscle.
  • Valve Replacement – Repair – your heart valves are important because they let blood flow properly in 1 direction. A valve is made out of special flaps that are known as leaflets. When these get opened, blood passes directly towards arteries right from heart chambers. Valve repair is one heart surgery type that operates on closed leaflets.
  • Aneurysm Repair
  • Heart Transplant – this is only done when the patient is really sick or an immediate heart transplant is necessary. Unfortunately, this is difficult because of the fact that donor’s hearts have limited availability.

Private heart surgery is necessary for all people that need it. The surgeon will tell you whether or not a specific procedure is needed and you have to do all that you can in order to respect the indications of the doctor. Heart surgery is not something that you can kid around with as it is very serious. Thousands of people end up having to face such a problem every single year.