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Basic Guidelines for Using a BMI calculator



Even though it might seem that calculating your body mass index is quite a simple task once you get to know the formula, it can be even simpler if you use a BMI calculator for the purpose. A BMI calculator is a tool that is easy to use and can eliminate the mistakes made by people when determining their BMI number.

When you are using a BMI calculator you should follow these simple guidelines:

1. Select the measurement system that you want to use. Every BMI calculator is created so that it can measure body mass index in metric measurements or in US measurements. Some of these calculators will come with buttons that are easy to spot and change the measurement system.

2. Input the weight in the calculator. Your weight can be measured in either kilograms or pounds and it all depends on the measurement system you have chosen to use for the calculations. Some BMI calculators even accept decimal numbers so that you can achieve extra precision.

3. Input the height in the calculator. In case you have chosen to use metric measurements then your height will need to be measured in meters. In case you have chosen to use the US measurements system you will need to input your height as measured in inches.

4. Press the calculate button on the BMI calculator and wait for the results. In case you have done everything right before hitting this button you should get a result which is between 18 and 40. In case you get a number which is a lot smaller or a lot bigger than that it means that you are either extremely overweight or extremely underweight.

5. Double-check the results you get. It is certain that BMI calculators do not make any mistakes, but you might make a mistake when inputting the numbers that represent your height and weight in the respective units of measurement. Moreover, you might not have chosen the right units of measurement from the beginning. Input the numbers you used before once again and if everything is correct the result should remain the same.

6. Use the chart that is provided with the BMI calculator in order to check your BMI numbers. Almost every BMI calculator has a chart or some sort of a key that explains what your body mass index actually means. By looking at the chart or the key you will be able to see how thin or fat you really are in comparison to the standard. This way, you can get a good reference point that can be used in order to create efficient diet plans or fitness plans. It can even be used so that you stay reassured that you are keeping yourself in good shape at all times. You should check your body mass index every now and then even if you are not concerned about your weight because this way you will know how you have changed over a period of time.