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3 Ways to Serve Much like a Doctor without a MD Degree



The increasing demand for primary care physicians

Do you have an unflinching determination of serving the community as a doctor but could not achieve a degree of being a doctor? If yes, you will be happy to know that you can still serve as a doctor and protect the health of your community people in many ways by being a part of the community health service programs. Such programs focus on health education, public health, and the provision of health resources in the targeted community. Discussed below are the three ways via which you can be a part of these programs to serve different communities.

Social Worker

This one really needs no introduction! As a social worker, you can really set your serving skills on effective radar by offering direct assistance to the sick and injured. You can assess the needs of a patient counsel them for living a healthy life, and provide in-home or supported living care. Further, you can also direct your patients to some really helpful and effective community resources for medical, legal, and financing assistance. However, for being a social worker, you will have to achieve either Master of Social work (MSW) or Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree apart from being licensed by the state wherein you offer your services. On average, a social worker tends to earn $48,000.

Community Health Director

Considered as the employee of the non-profit institutions or government agencies, such a director is responsible for planning and supervising the execution of community health programs with the aim of promoting fit living. These programs also aim at making people aware of the habits that can not only trigger the disease but can also spread it. Also known as a public health director, a community health director is also geared towards:

Disseminating information to the team for sustaining public health
Making policy recommendations
Taking actions in case of an outbreak or health provision crisis
Coordinating with other groups or agencies for ensuring a high level of public health
Managing grants
Obtaining funds for the programs
Complying with the local, state and federal laws

Because of the recent boom in the healthcare field, the experts are estimating that the demand for such medical and health care managers will rise drastically by 15% during 2008-2018. Right now, the average salary of a Community Health Director is approximately $94,000.
Community Health Worker

Depending upon the job title, such a worker may be faced with several job duties for promoting health and nutrition. Generally, she or he is responsible for the health of the culturally diverse populace in the community who are not given due care by the conventional medical institutions, which may be the uninsured ones or immigrants.

Instead of being trained medical personnel, a community health worker may either be a member of the community or a volunteer who works for pay. Also being called a community health adviser, health educator, and health advocate; a community health worker is the one who offers the primary healthcare services directly, such as first aid. She or he is primarily responsible for treating minor illnesses, promoting hygiene, taking care of pregnant women and kids, guiding family planning services, screening for infectious diseases, and offering health care referrals.

Such a worker is required to be a post-secondary graduate such as a bachelor’s degree. However, somebody who can speak the language of the targeted community is more preferred! In many cases, these health workers may go through a post-hire training of 9-100 hours. There are also various degree programs that these people need to achieve for offering healthcare services in a variety of settings.