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How to Find the Right Hospital for Laser Eye Surgery



As age advances, quite a few of us tend to suffer from problems in eyes such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. This needs to be addressed with the help of treatment as that often becomes an alternative to spectacles or contact lenses for restoring eyesight. Also, in the competitive world that we live in, daily deals and special offers have become a popular strategy to market healthcare and with the growing popularity of laser eye surgery, also referred to as Lasik eye surgery, which is now commonly available one should remember that it remains a serious surgery and choice that you make is of the utmost importance.

Firstly, let pricing not be the primary factor while choosing a laser eye service provider. Ensure that the hospital is recognized, accredited, and licensed by various government or medical associations this will prove the authenticity of the hospital or clinic.

Shortlist hospitals/clinics and consult with your eye specialist who has examined your eyes thoroughly and ask for a recommendation if he/she has experience in performing laser eye surgeries you can go with their advice as long as you are fully aware of the background of your eye specialist if not then they will be able to suggest some options.

Weigh the pros and cons of the shortlisted hospitals or clinics focusing on various elements like technology, surgeon, post-operative care, emergency services, and finally the pricing schemes available. Check if the hospital/clinic has had any unusual or ongoing outbreaks of eye infections.

Consult and with your eye specialist in every aspect of the research you. Speak to your friends and family if anyone you know has been operated on ask for his/her experience and take referrals. Technology is what the surgery is, interrogate, and assess the sophistication of the technology used just so that you can be aware of the outcome.

Referrals and background check with your eye specialist with regards to your surgeon are very important, make sure that he/she is experienced and specialized in laser eye surgery. Meet the surgeon and ask all important questions like ‘How many procedures have you done?’ ‘What are the outcome statistics’ ‘In case of a complication, what is your policy regarding follow-up?.’ A surgeon displaying a thorough understanding of several procedures like LASIK, LASEK, CK, PRK, and clear lens replacement and updated with the technology will be the best at suggesting you with the right solutions.

Now covering all angles check on the post-operative care and emergency services provided by the hospital/clinic. In case of a clinic check if they have a 24-hour aftercare service, if not then ask for their recommendations for a nearby hospital in case of emergency.

Finally coming to the financials discuss your budget with the laser eye surgery provider of your choice. Your consultant will present you with various options for treatment, which will vary in price. As laser eye surgery prices vary a lot be educated with the options available also some hospitals and clinics may allow patients to pay for the treatment in installments as well.