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Fat Grafting for a Youthful Looking Face



Those who wish to turn back the hands of time are looking to fat graphing as an answer. Plastic surgeons in Houston are using this groundbreaking facial transformation process to take fat from various areas of the body to make changes in a persons’ face. Those who have problems with hollow areas or parts of the face that have lost their youthful elasticity can benefit from this procedure.

Why Natural Fillers are Better

As a person begins to age the collagen that is in the face will lose its volume, thus causing a completely different look to emerging. Areas of the face, like the cheeks, that were once plump and healthy suddenly take on a new look and become sunken. The bones of the face can become more noticeable and the entire face ages are given some people an entirely different look. While there are many types of fillers on the market to help with these types of facial problems, they are not permanent and require the body to be presented with an unnatural substance. Grafting from owing own body is permanent and is completely safe. Facial fat graphing is using the body’s own natural filler to help fill in areas that time has not been kind too.

Some refer to this procedure as a fat transfer, as essentially that is what is. Fat is transferred from one part of the body and placed into another. The area where the fat is harvested is called the donor area. Usually, these are fleshy areas like the stomach and buttocks. This is not a severe procedure; it just requires sedation and some local anesthesia, dependent upon the amounts of fat that are to be harvested.

Erase Years of Aging in a Matter of Minutes

People who were looking to a facelift are now changing their minds and trying the fat grafting. The results are nothing short of amazing and people are seeing ten years erased in a matter of minutes. Those who are great candidates for this type of procedure are those who have sunken areas of the face and an overall loss of volume. If there are indentions in the skin and deep wrinkles, along with sunken areas around the cheeks, eyes, or lips, fat grafting would be a great option.

Plastic surgeons in Houston have been using this procedure to help many people regain their youthful glow. This procedure requires little to no recovery time and a minimal amount of pain. Using one’s own body fat is a great alternative to other fillers because it is permanent and safe.