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Botox: Preserve Your Neck Beauty



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 The use of Botox for the upper third of the face has been widely described but it is less known that it can also be used as a powerful anti-aging tool for the jawline and the neck.

The neck definition and jawline definition are extremely important when it comes to a youthful and elegant appearance. The expression “queenly bearing” says it all, queen Nefertiti being one of the most famous examples of a gorgeous swan-like neck.

These characteristics are true for men too, just have a look at Mrs. Pitt, Clooney, and Depp. Their neck and jawline definition is definitely key to their allure.

To understand what Botox can do to help with neck aging we have to understand  what the platysma neck muscle is:

The platysma is a broad sheet-like muscle in the neck region. It arises from the clavicle and ascends through the neck towards the face. Most of its fibers are attached to the mandible. It can draw down the lower lip and the corners of the mouth during facial expressions like a surprise.

This muscle is superficial and directly anchored to the skin. When this muscle is contracted it will pull the skin, shortening and enlarging the neck.

Platysma induced neck deformation can be very impressive during a massive effort such as demonstrated by this weight lifter picture.

Obviously, a contracted neck doesn’t look very good…

The neck aging process will be caused by the repeated contractions of the platysma muscle and increased resting tone of this muscle. In short, when we age, the neck muscle will shorten and straighten permanently creating neckbands, enlarging the neck, and blurring the jawline definition by pulling everything downward.

This is where Botox is a muscle-relaxing agent that can be very effective to prevent and delay this aging process. You simply put the platysma neck muscle under control.

It is important to understand that Botox should be used before the neck modifications become too important and before a skin laxity appears. At this advanced stage, only a surgical lift procedure can reposition the platysma muscle.

By enhancing and preserving a well-defined jawline and a nice harmonious neck, Botox offers a clever and subtle way to look younger and healthier without looking fake or overdone.

And yes, like George, you can even keep a few smile lines around your eyes.