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Use Neuro Linguistic Programming To Take Control Of Your Life



We were taught some amazing things when we were at school, things such as the history of our people, the geography of our land, and the science that commands us. We were not taught everything though. One thing that teachers fail to mention is how to feel good, how to have great relationships, and how to take control of our minds. That is where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) comes in.

What is NLP?

NLP was introduced back in the 1970s and was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who say that it is capable of dealing with problems such as disorders, depression, phobias, and more. The overall aim behind NLP is to allow people to lead richer, better, and more fulfilled lives. Their teachings have even been adopted by a number of hypnotherapists.

NLP analyses the way that our minds work, it studies the connection between the following 3 things that dictate our experiences in life:

  • Neuro – The nervous system.
  • Linguistic- Language
  • Programming- Behavioural patterns

The idea behind NLP is to study the minds of exceptional people that have achieved great things, or have increased levels of happiness in their lives. Through this study, NLP allows us to replicate those positive thoughts or mindsets into other people.

]How NLP Can Help With Everyday Life

The answer to this is somewhat obvious. Negative thoughts and emotions are extremely common in people. For some people, it is more common than for others. NLP seeks to reduce the number of negative thoughts, replacing it instead with positive ones, so that we can lead our lives in an improved manner. With the help of NLP, we can take control of our lives, because it gives us greater control over our emotions and brainwaves. We reduce the number of negative thoughts flowing through our minds so that we can spend a great deal more time actually enjoying life, instead of dreading it.

1 in 5 people suffer from depression at some point in life. Other problems such as ADHD, phobias, and OCD are argued to be curable by NLP. There are a number of schools and seminars that offer NLP training sessions, to allow people to learn how they can use NLP in their own lives.

What are your personal thoughts? Do you really think that NLP can help us achieve greater, happier, and more fulfilled lives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.