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Celebrity Hair Trend: Virgin Indian Hair



One of the most popular celebrity hair trends of 2010 has stood the test of time: natural-looking weaves. Since 2010, however, celebrities and their stylists are opening up more and more about the secret to the stars’ ever-changing hairstyles: extensions and weaves. Stylists are now even revealing what kind of strands they use for extensions and weave: Virgin Indian Hair.

Virgin hair does not contain synthetic or plastic fibers and it also comes in three beautiful patterns: straight, natural wave, and wavy and curly. All wave patterns are completely natural to give hair a free-flowing look which means they are not processed into the hair using chemicals. This also means that it’s easy to have whatever wave style you’d like implemented into your daily hairstyle. Virgin hair is a great alternative to permanently straightening or curling your hair.

Stylists choose 100% Virgin hair for many reasons including its unbeatable quality. Bundles of hair are aligned so that cuticles are arranged in the same direction. Each hair is handpicked so they are all the same length and they are also machine wefted instead of hand-tied to reduce shedding. With high-quality hair extensions that are this voluminous, natural-looking, and smooth, it’s no surprise that these extensions are the favorite of stars like Tyra Banks and Beyoncé. It’s no wonder that they always look amazing with their gorgeous tresses too!

What Tyra Banks and Hair Extensions Have in Common:

Tyra Banks and hair extensions have what in common? Versatility! Have you ever noticed that Tyra Banks has a different hairstyle for each cycle of her show, America’s Next Top Model? That’s an incredible accomplishment considering America’s Next Top Model is in its 19thcycle (and will even have the 20th cycle in the summer of 2013).

Like Tyra Banks as a model, the different types of hair extensions- which can be worn as extensions or sewn into weaves- are incredibly versatile. Tyra’s hairstyles can’t necessarily be divided into just 3 styles- straight, wavy, or curly- but she has, over the years, shown what else can be done with hair extensions. Other celebrities have revealed that extensions are versatile  Tyra is just one amazing example of an actress who isn’t afraid to show her true colors, or tresses!

100% Indian extensions are made exclusively of human hair so, with the help of a stylist, they can be cut and even dyed a different color. To keep your hair looking red-carpet or photo-ready like Tyra, you should be sure to take care of your extensions with quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to make them last.