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The Cost of Cord Blood Banking



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Expectant parents have probably heard of umbilical cord blood banking. What used to be medical wastes are now potentially life-saving commodities that are worth storing. Recent studies show that cord blood contains high amounts of stem cells that are valuable because of their wide array of treatment benefits. Expectant parents can donate them to public cord blood at no cost or they can opt to preserve them at private cord blood banks that charge appropriately high rates.

However, one question needs to be answered before interested individuals make their decision—how much money is required to enjoy the services of private cord blood banks?

It should be remembered that cord blood banking prices usually vary but on average, potential clients need to shell out an upfront fee that usually costs around 700 USD to 3,000 USD. This takes care of the paperwork, blood processing, and transportation, among others.

After the paperwork and other prerequisite documentation procedures are done, the chosen cord blood banking facility will ask their clients to pay for storage fees which are about 120 USD to 200 USD per year.

Before signing up, it would be best to make comparative studies to determine the most practical cord blood bank facility. This can also enable interested individuals to check out the facilities of cord blood banks and pick those that perfectly suit their needs as well as their preferences.

Furthermore, some cord blood banks offer referral or family discounts for individuals who will refer their services to their friends and loved ones. In general, the said promos are used to cancel out annual fees but not to reduce the cost of upfront fees but they are still essential for those who want to accumulate a substantial amount of savings.


Some may ask if the fees are practical since they come at a time where parents shell out huge amounts for doctor fees, hospital bills, and medication. On the other hand, it should be remembered that when serious ailments arise in the future, it is a fact that no price is too high for parents who want to save the life of their child or children.

Putting the said factor into consideration, it would be best to invest in cord blood banking even if cord blood banking prices are quite expensive. Soon to be parents should carefully consider this option because they only get one shot at this and that is before their babies are born.