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Where To Buy Contact Lenses Without A Prescription In The US



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Are you looking for a place to buy contact lenses? Do you have a current prescription to make the purchase? If not, are you too wondering if it is possible to buy the item without it? The article here will help you make an informed decision before your purchase.

The Law

The trade of items such as contact lenses is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. The law intends to safeguard the rights of the customers and prevent any malpractices.

In case you buy a contact lens without a prescription, you won’t be breaking the law as such. However, the device will be misbranded as an over-the-counter product. Also, the company might get into serious trouble for violating FTC regulations by selling a prescription device as an over-the-counter item.

Prescription essentials

The FTC regulations specify a list of information that needs to be provided to the seller to buy a contact lens. The list includes the following essential questions:

  • Patient’s name
  • The date of Examination
  • The issue date of the prescription
  • The expiration date of the prescription (usually minimum of one year)
  • Name, address, and contact details of the prescriber
  • Material and manufacturer of the prescribed lens
  • Power
  • Appropriate designation for the prescribed lens
  • Diameter, when needed

Things to consider before buying

Eyes are believed to be one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Therefore, it becomes vital to take care of your eyes and ensure their good health. Before purchasing any contact lenses, there are a few things that one should be mindful of:

  • The prescription should be current to ensure that the power hasn’t dwindled.
  • If it has been more than two years from your last eye check-up, your eyes may have problems that you are not fully aware of. In such a case, the lenses may not be effective in treating your vision.
  • Typically, individual states set the expiration date. However, the FTC has mandated a minimum expiration duration of one year, unless there is a clearly stated reason for providing a shorter term.

Purchase without a prescription

However important it is to have a current prescription before buying a contact lens for yourself, we understand that there could be a multitude of reasons for not being able to produce one. To your surprise, there are few websites that have the policy of ‘contact lenses no prescription needed‘ without landing into legal trouble.

There are companies based outside the US that are not governed by US regulations. Therefore, allowing them to make a sale without having to abide by the mandates of the FTC. The purchase and the transaction are made online to remove any bottlenecks and ensure the consumer’s convenience.


Though the websites come handy in a situation of no prescription, it is always suggested to be mindful of your vision health. Keep your eyesight checked regularly, only then your eye products will be able to serve you well.

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