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Thermal Body Scanner: A Step towards Combating Coronavirus




The novel coronavirus has taken mankind by storm. Scientists and researchers worldwide are looking for ways to fight this new disease and stop it from spreading further.

Social distancing has been recognized as an effective technique to lower the spread of coronavirus. This is because the illness is highly contagious in nature. In such a scenario, it is imperative to distinguish those infected by the virus so that they do not come in contact with others thereby giving rise to the number of cases. One of the tools proving to be effective in this direction is the thermal body scanner. Let us learn more about it:

A Brief about Thermal Body Scanner

A high-quality thermal body scanner such as Feevr uses artificial intelligence to smartly detect individuals with body temperature greater than the normal. The best part is that this device facilitates the detection of body temperature from a distance. Since it does not require direct contact with individuals there is no chance of cross-infection. It can thus be used to detect the temperature of people one after the other quickly and easily.

Thermal Body Scanners to Identify COVID 19 Patients

One of the symptoms of COVID 19 is fever. With the help of thermal body scanners, we can easily identify individuals whose body temperature is high. As the device detects a person with elevated temperature, it alerts the authorities by displaying the result on the screen. The process is quick and takes just about a few seconds to complete.

The identified people can be barred from entering places such as malls, metro stations, and markets that draw a huge crowd. While at most places such individuals are just denied entry however the authorities at certain places make an additional effort to send such people for further medical examination.

This small step can be helpful in preventing the spread of a virus on a vast scale.

The Growing Need for Thermal Scanning Systems

Thermal scanning at public places reassures people that they are heading to a safe place. As the number of coronavirus cases is growing by the day, the need for thermal scanning systems is being felt more than ever. The demand for this device is thus on an increase. This technology is being employed at more and more places to safeguard visitors.

Airports were among the first places where thermal scanning began. In most countries, it has now become an essential norm to scan each traveler with a thermal scanning device before allowing him to enter the flight. Likewise, only those who pass this basic medical test are allowed to step out of the airport. Individuals may be required to fulfill few more formalities before stepping out.

As countries across the globe are planning to ease their lockdown norms, coronavirus is anticipated to spread faster in the weeks to come. Luckily, thermal scanning systems can offer some respite during this tough time. Employing these at public places can certainly be a step towards combating the rapid spread of the virus.

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