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The Secret to Peaceful Menses: The Only Thing You Need



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As a woman, going through your menses can be unpleasant and messy. However, how you handle them and yourself determines if they will be a walk in the park or gruesome. If you are over menstrual cups, pads, or tampons, there’s a much more accommodative alternative, which is the period panties. For these panties, you can use them without pads or tampons. Made to soak up all menstrual blood, they keep you dry and comfortable.

The period panties can be well compared to diapers, but these are reusable and without bulkiness. Much earlier versions of these undies had waterproof rubber linings, which provided leak-proof protection but were somewhat less sanitary or breathable.

However, the latest versions of them have several layers of fabric to lock in moisture and keep you dry. Period panties as well are a haven for those who get side effects from using tampons or pads.

Why Period Panties and not Regular Panties?

Period undies, unlike the regular granny panties, have a lot to offer. They provide:

  • Leak-proof protection and worn without tampons or pads.
  • There is a kangaroo pocket at the front in some brands for heat pad placements that aids with the cramps.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’ll not experience leaks, unlike regular standard panties.

If you’re considering the idea of it, the following are best-known brands that could help you in choosing the best period panties:

  • Thinx

It is the most recognizable brand. Their undies come in a variety of options ranging from boy shorts to thongs. They cover a variety of sizes, and everyone can get a fit from them. A thong holds a much as a half a tampon of blood while the hip hugger and high waist styles hold as much as two tampons of blood. Both stylish and comfortable and gets the work done.

  • Modibodi

Modibodi undies are high-quality undies that provide absorbance, and you can have them on without tampons or pads on lighter days. They can hold up to half a tampon of blood to two. What makes them unique is that they are leak-proof, odor, and stain-resistant.

  • Lilova

Lilova being new in the market provide a variety of sleeker approach for women after comfort and style rather than the regular pad and tampon. They have brought about a sexy, sustainable and discreet nature to their craft intending to allow women to “flow in peace.”

With the Lilova brand, you don’t need a tampon or backup, considering you have an average to light flow. It is made with four layers of synthetic and natural fabrics that help lock in moisture, keep you dry, and maintain your comfort levels.

  • Dear Kate

These panties have a lining of patent-pending Underlux technology made to absorb as well as lock moisture and prevent leaks. They can be a backup plan for your pad, menstrual cup, or tampon. You can wear them solely to avoid light spotting. With the Dear Kate panty beautifully crafted from high-end fabrics, they can be machine-washed and dried.

Dear Kate undies have two types to choose from, i.e., the full lining and Mini lining. The full lining provides leak resistance coverage from the waistline to the crotch and from the front and backside. These are best as active and overnight wear. The mini lining offers padding only in the crotch area but is as well significant for everyday use.

  • Pantie Pads

These are disposable undies that contain a built-in pad designed to provide 12 hours long protection. The pad stays in place and prevents any form of leaks. These panties made of materials that offer cotton feel to them are biodegradable. They are more suitable for overnight usage and times when you experience medium to massive flows. Pantie pads are great, especially when traveling and not in the know of how often you might get a chance of visiting a restroom to change a pad.


With a wide range of period panties to choose from, period panties are gaining popularity by the month. Once you experience their convenience and comfort, you’ll question your past day ignorance not only for their benefits but the sanity they provide.

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