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How Do I Choose the Right Rehab?



What is the drug and alcohol detox process like?

Realizing that you need addiction treatment is one of the essential steps on the road to recovery and healthy living. Addiction is indiscriminate in who it targets, and substance abuse is more common than you may think. According to the National Institute of Health, 10% of adults in the United States suffer substance abuse disorder at some point in their lives. Of those people, only around 25% get treatment.

Substance abuse disorder could refer to alcohol addiction or the use of illicit substances that negatively impact one’s physical or mental health or their ability to meet responsibilities. In other words, drug addiction is causing the person to lose control of their lives.

Drug use tends to occur most frequently in late teens and young adults, and it’s in these age groups that many young drug users unknowingly create an addiction. Drug use can easily create a health problem, destroy relationships, and drug-related crimes can follow you for life through public records or even a number finder.

Acknowledging that you have a problem and need rehab is essential, but for your best chance at a positive outcome, you’ll need to find the right treatment center for you.

Assess Your Own Goals

Before you start speaking with others, it’s important to define success for yourself. What are you hoping to get out of rehab? Are you only looking to break a specific addiction, or are you hoping to alter your lifestyle or build your relationships as well? Once you understand this a little better, you’ll be more equipped to determine the best treatment program for your needs.

Inpatient programs will generally have medical supervision that can help you with withdrawal symptoms and medical emergencies. For example, Ontario drug rehab centers, open to both Canadian and American patients, offer 24/7 medical care and tailors a specific treatment program to each patient’s needs. Inpatient programs generally offer behavior therapy, group therapy, and other support systems.

Consult a Doctor

To improve your chances of a great experience, it’s a good idea to talk to a treatment professional and get recommendations based on your needs. If you have severe alcohol or opioid addiction, for example, you may need medication to help ween you off the substance.

This may not be the best idea, however, if you have a history of prescription drug abuse. A doctor specializing in addiction treatment can assess your medical needs and inform you about treatment programs offered in the area that provide what you’ll need.

Don’t Mistake Luxury for Quality

You’ll have all kinds of choices when it comes to finding an addiction treatment center, and some are certainly more expensive and seem fancier than others. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to afford a center with the most delightful amenities.

Even if you can, it may not necessarily be worth it. You should research the reputations of any centers you consider. If a treatment center hasn’t been active for long, you can find it a gamble. It’s also wise to stay away from centers that promise successful results, no matter how nice they look. That isn’t a realistic promise, and success is subjective.

Consider Aftercare Options

Just because you complete your first program doesn’t mean you’re done with your rehab efforts. Addiction aftercare is also a crucial part of your journey to prevent relapse and help you live a more healthy lifestyle.

Aftercare could include an outpatient program after you complete your inpatient stay, or it could be a stay in a sober living residence. Alternatively, aftercare can be things as simple as going to support groups or anger management therapy to treat underlying issues.

You need to have a plan for when you’ve finished rehab to ensure you keep your mind on your goals and have your best chance at a full recovery.

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