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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Cloud-based Dental Software



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Cloud-based dental software was introduced a couple of years back, and the dental industry has recognized its potentials. Approximately 75% of dental centered use dental software and many are increasingly switching to it. Cloud-based dental software provided companies with a safer and much efficient way to manage various administrative tasks.

This software eliminates the need to depend on physical storage and enables businesses to store their data securely over the cloud. If you are looking for cloud-based dental software, then you have come to the right place. Below we are sharing prominent steps that will help you to find the perfect dental software for your company –

  1. Start with Your Research

The first step is to do your research with regards to the best dental software available. You can do an online search on Google and even ask for recommendations from your peers. When you have shortlisted a couple of dental software, review their websites and assess what they are offering and how they are different from one another. Thorough research will help you pick out some good software for your business.

  1. Involve your Staff in the Process

Your employees are the ones who will be using this software on a regular basis; therefore, you should consider their opinions as well. Understand their current needs and restriction in the workflow before you make an investment. If you are replacing a system, ask your staff what problem they faced while using it.

This will help you in making the list of features and make a reliable decision. While it can be quite challenging to get all your employees to agree on the same thing, this process would give you a fair idea of how you can make their tasks easier and efficient.

  1. Be Clear About the Features you Want

Prior to assessing the options, be clear about the features you want in your dental software. You want to invest in software that would streamline the administrative tasks and relieve the workload of your staff. Some of the prominent features to consider include –

  • Customized reporting
  • Operatory announcements
  • Management notifications
  • Login rights
  • eSignatures
  • eReminder

These are some of the features that you should look at, but you can add more. Make a list of all the features you would want and assess your options based on it.

  1. Security Compliance

The first thing you should look for is who and where your data is being stored. Therefore, compliance with security HIPAA is an important factor to consider. The cloud storage must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to ensure that it adheres to the predetermined privacy standards. Consider asking the providers the probabilities of downtime prior to making the decision.

  1. Understanding their Services

Don’t be fooled by the hyped-up sales pitch, instead understand what the software is providing and how it will benefit you. When reviewing their website, see how much information they have provided. Did they highlight their features? Is there a FAQ section? Do they have live chat support or any contact information? When investing in dental software, you should consider the overall experience provided by the company.

  1. Integration

You should invest in dental software that provides you with the flexibility of adding features. This way, you can ensure that all the functions are performing can be executed in the new software as well. When you consider the features of the products, also look out for features that you can integrate. Ensure to understand how information is transferred between systems and how efficient the whole process is. You need a cloud-software that is compatible with any plug-in.

  1. Internet Speed

When you are using cloud-based dental software, the internet speed is a very important factor. So get it to touch with your internet service provider to know what is the speed and uptime that you are receiving. If it is not adequate, then you either need to upgrade the plan or find a new service provider that is faster.

  1. Pricing

Cloud-based dental software requires you to pay a subscription fee, which could be monthly or annually. Most of the software have their prices and plans mentioned on the websites itself. However, ensure to call up the representative and ask if there is any additional cost apart from the subscription fees. Additionally, companies tend to change their pricing and plans, so ask how any price inflation in the future would impact you. This way, you can protect yourself from paying more than what you plan to invest.

  1. Technical Support

When you are working with new dental software, there are likely to be features that you are not accustomed with. This is where the training process comes in, and a lot of reliable dental software providers provide these services. Consider the resources that are available for training. Make sure if there are additional costs associated with training. You are certainly going to need software that would help understand the product better through different training resources. Additionally, a reliable and experienced technical support team is also a crucial aspect of a software program.

  1. Leverage Trial Period

Often dental software programs come with free trials that you can harness to get a better idea of its performance. In the free plan, you will only be able to access basic features; however, it would be adequate to check the usability of the software. Therefore, if the software has this feature, leverage it, ask your staff to use and get their review on the product. Additionally, many software providers also offer free demo sessions. This would also be helpful in getting valuable insights into the software.

Final Thoughts

Many companies are shifting to cloud-based dental software because of the capabilities it is offering. Investing in cloud-based dental software is a big and effective decision. therefore you need to back your decision with a lot of research, assessment, and practicality. Above are some important steps that would help you make the best decision with regards to cloud-based dental software.

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