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4 Things No One Tells You about Quitting Alcohol



Five myths about drug and alcohol addiction

More than 12% of people in the US are categorized as an alcoholic. It is a problem that has been around for quite some time and has taken the lives of a lot of people as well. When someone is suffering from alcohol addiction, the road to rehabilitation can be hard for them.

But if one is determined to get their life back on track, they can always overcome their addiction. If you have built up the courage to take your first step against the addiction, finally, you should go to the nearest methadone clinic to begin the rehabilitation program.

If you have already overcome your addiction, it does not mean your fight is over. You will still need to keep fighting your addiction because one slip and you are back at it again. Let’s have a look at a few things that no one tells you about addiction but you need to know.

Only a Few People Care

While people will tell you that you will have the full support of your friends and family when you are fighting against addiction, it is not entirely true. The truth is people who love you will care about you and will encourage and appreciate you on your achievement but it will only be a few people.

The majority of people you meet daily might not even acknowledge that you have done a great job fighting against addiction. You should never let that drag you down because your achievement will always be something to be proud of.

You Become a Change Person

One major part of your sobriety journey is that you have to change your lifestyle, and when you do that, you become a better-improved version of yourself. While this may not seem like a big difference to people, you meet rarely.

Maybe one or two will tell you that you look healthy and that is all. But the people you meet daily, your close friends will feel that change. Some people will take it negatively as well, and these are usually the people who pushed you towards alcoholism in the first place, so do not let that affect you either.

Alcoholics Will Judge You

When you achieve long-term sobriety, you will become an alien to the alcoholics. The process of going through rehab is a long one, and along the way, you will make alcoholic friends who you will relate to.

But once you have achieved sobriety, do not be surprised if that changes. Alcoholics will judge you at times and will feel that you look down on them so, if an alcoholic friend shows that reaction towards you, just be patient and try to get him help.

Killing Time Can Be Hard Sometimes

People who become alcoholics are usually the people who spent a lot of time drinking and hanging out with people who drink. When you achieve sobriety, you do not know what to do with that time anymore, and it can give you anxiety.

The perfect solution to that is finding a new hobby. Not only will it keep you engaged, but now you will have something that you enjoy without losing your consciousness.