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Mental Health: Nine Brilliant Tips to Improve Your Brain Health



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What are your resolutions for this year? How about you add ‘improving brain health’ to that list? Our brain is like a muscle. It requires a regular workout. Otherwise, it loses tone. Here are nine excellent tips to help you improve your brain health.

1.    Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a miracle to a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional problems. Exercising increases blood flow in your body, which in turn, elevates the amount of oxygen and glucose flowing to your brain. Additionally, exercising involves a lot of coordination, and so the brain gets to work out as it’s in charge of coordinating the complex physical movements. Set aside 30 minutes daily for physical exercise. It will help improve your reasoning abilities, memory, and reaction times.

2.    Stimulate your brain.

Wonder why your local news agency has a lot of crossword magazines? Crosswords are excellent for stimulating the mind. Mentally stimulating activities help the brain to strengthen connections and develop new brain cells. Reading also helps to boost the mind. Read the news, keep learning new things, and you’ll remain mentally fit. You can also try brain training apps such as Elevate.

3.    Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is vital for mental health. In any case, you need to have enough sleep to perform at your optimum level. Lack of enough sleep interferes with memory capacity and hormone production, so to stay at your peak, ensure you get at least six hours of sleep daily.

4.    Seek treatment in case of brain injury.

When your brain is under pressure, the neutral tissue can be damaged. This can result in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Whether your brain has just been injured or was injured many years ago, you should seek treatment. Stemaid Europe uses advanced stem cell therapy to repair the injured brain and restore functions that had been lost as a result of the injury.

5.    Maintain a healthy diet.

Eating right is good for the body, as well as the mind. Eat foods that promote the growth of new brain cells such as omega-3 fatty acids, nuts, fruits, vegetables, plants, sources of proteins, and unsaturated oils.

6.    Avoid tobacco.

Tobacco is harmful to several body parts, including the brain. Avoid it in all its forms.

7. Don’t abuse alcohol.

If you must drink, don’t exceed two beers per day. Alcohol has been associated with dementia.

8.    Keep your blood pressure low.

High blood pressure in midlife has been associated with cognitive decline in old age. Ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle – don’t abuse alcohol, reduce stress, stay lean, maintain a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

9.    Stay social.

Connect with your community and participate in social activities. Secure social networks have been linked to a reduced risk of dementia, low blood pressure, and long life. Grab every opportunity to talk to your colleagues, friends, and family. Engaging in conversations helps your brain to explore, inquire, and examine.

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