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Drug Detox, the First Step to Becoming Sober



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Are you trying to heal your body after a long term drug addiction? Having a drug detox may be the best way to go about it. A drug detox aims to eliminate all the drugs in your body to aid recovery from addiction.

While you can perform the detox procedure privately by yourself, it is not recommended due to its many dangers, including possible death. Some symptoms that you may experience during detox are vomiting, nausea, and other worse symptoms like seizures and cardiovascular problems. Moreover, you will likely have mental issues such as anger, depression, paranoia, hallucinations, irritability, and hopelessness.

Never attempt to carry out a home detox without consulting with your doctor first. If you are looking for professionals with experience in treating addiction and managing withdrawal symptoms, visit drug rehab in Hilton Head, SC. Seeking medical help can help you resist the temptation to fall back to drugs.

Why visiting professional matters

The kinds of drugs you take, the frequency, and your level of addiction will determine the type of drug rehab that a doctor will recommend. Other factors that will determine how well you can manage a home detox are your physical and mental history and any other pre-existing mental or physical conditions you have.

When you visit a doctor, they will also inquire about any previous detox attempts that you might have had and how that went down. Another factor that would determine whether you qualify for a detox is the level of support you have at home.

Very few drug addicts qualify for natural/old turkey detox. Those who are eligible are relatively healthy people with minimal physical dependence on a drug or those who use drugs that have less dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient vs. inpatient detox

If you have a severe drug addiction, but doctors argue that they do not need to monitor your progress at a health facility, you can qualify for outpatient detox. Further, if you have a very supportive family or community, outpatient detox services will work for you. In the case of outpatient treatment, you may have to make regular visits to your doctor, or they may come to your home to give treatment as they monitor your progress. As a doctor assesses you during the period of treatment, they will note your level of comfort with the procedure and alter it as required if you are exhibiting negative symptoms.

If you, however, have a long history with and are dependent on drugs such as heroin, alcohol, and other sedatives, an inpatient program will be the safest and most effective.

Even so, detox alone may not do

While detox helps to curb the physiological consequences of drug abuse, you may experience a relapse if you do not undertake additional treatment. Such treatment includes behavioral therapy so that you can understand what triggers drug use and how to respond to future cravings. You should also be part of a support or community group to ensure that you have the support needed to remain drug-free.

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