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Eating Disorder and its Natural Cure



The symptoms of eating disorders often go undetected until the time they wreak havoc on the health of the patients. Creating awareness about them and introducing them to a healthy lifestyle would be a very natural way of curing this problem. Helping them accept that they have a problem and willingness to change would also help them. You can advise them to follow some of the natural ways of curing an eating disorder.

  • Lifestyle changes: In order to cure mild to severe cases of eating disorders, doctors usually recommend lifestyle changes in patients. Some of these may include attending sessions about eating disorder information, meditation, yoga, aerobics, and knowing how much and what to eat. Doing yoga and meditation helps you to reduce and ultimately get rid of anxiety, and accept yourself as you are. It would also help you build will power to continue with your treatment. There are other techniques that can help you to get rid of anxiety, a root cause of several types of eating disorders. You can listen to music, start taking hobby sessions; anything that helps you relax, and focus on something productive would definitely have a good effect on your mind.
  • Stick to Your Sessions: No matter what happens you would need to stick to your sessions with your health care provider. These sessions are held by experts and they would be the best people to guide you on how to get rid of this problem from your life permanently. Remember, if you want to get a cure, you would have to listen to their advice and make the best of it.
  • Consult a Dietitian and Eat Right: Most of the patients are not aware of how to eat right. You can consult a dietitian for making a diet plan that would help you to have a nutritious diet. This kind of diet would allow you to have plenty of fruits and vegetables, foods that are rich in lean protein and fibers, but at the same time have an optimum amount of carbs and are low in fats. This kind of diet would give you the required energy and you need not diet. Your dietitian would help you to replace bad fats with good fats, change the type of meats of you eat, and also remove processed and refined sugars and grains from your house. Whole grains are can be preferred instead of refined ones.
  • Resist Urges: When you start doing yoga and meditation, it helps you overcome your temptations. If you tend to overeat, make it a point to remove all the unhealthy foods from your refrigerator and replace it with plenty of healthy and low-fat foods. Make it a point to shop for healthy foods when going to the convenience store or the grocery store next time.
  • Vitamin Supplements: Most of the people suffering from this problem deprive their bodies of the necessary nutrients and hence may be asked to take nutritional supplements to recover. You can talk to your doctor about it and make sure have them as advised by your health care provider.

Eating disorders can have many natural cures. If your loved one does not want to accept that he or she has a problem, you can introduce him or her to a healthy lifestyle in a subtle manner and also make sure that you offer a lot of emotional support. Although many people suffer from this disease, very few people have the courage or awareness to accept it and seek help.