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Colonic Therapy Will Help Improve Your Overall Health



Colonic therapy will help improve your overall health

If you are experiencing such conditions as constipation, bloating, gas, diverticulosis, or a host of other ailments, you should consider having colonic therapy. Cleansing your system is a great way to get rid of all the bacteria interfering with your good health.

Colonic therapy is also referred to as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy. Basically, the procedure involves flushing the colon, using fluids, to remove the waste. This is a tried and true method that has been used since ancient times.

The procedure involves you resting on a table. A professional, often called a colonic hygienist, performs the cleanse. S/he sends about 60 liters of fluid via a tube into the rectum. Toxins are removed using a different tube. This process is repeated until the hygienist determines your insides are clean.

You will receive many benefits from the procedure. We will take a look at those. The first is the fact that the cleanse makes the digestive system more effective. This is because while the colon is cleansed, it pushes all of the waste through your system. This clears the way for proper nutrient absorption. After the colon has been cleaned, it is easier for waste to pass.

Another benefit is that you will be more regular in eliminations. You will not continue to suffer from constipation. If you have ever been constipated, you know it causes a sluggish digestive response. This results in leaving waste in your system for a more extended period. This can result in creating certain conditions as well as irritations.

These can be anything from hemorrhoids to varicose veins.

You will be thrilled to know that your energy level will increase following a cleanse. After the toxins are released, your body is rejuvenated. Instead of your body being used to force waste, it will be replaced with energy. People often say they have better blood circulation, a boost in energy, and more restful sleep.

A cleanse results in your body being more able to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Once your colon has been cleansed, it only allows water, nutrients, and vitamins to be absorbed into your bloodstream. An unobstructed path is created for significant nutrients to be filtered into your body.

You will also notice an improved concentration following your cleanse. You can easily lose your concentration due to a poor diet and ineffective vitamin absorption. When you have a buildup of mucous and toxins, this can prevent the colon from receiving what is needed to function. Once you cleanse your body, this can mean the difference between you feeling alert as opposed to not being able to focus.

Many people are not aware of one of the other great benefits of a colon cleanse. It can result in kick-starting your weight loss. Fiber is lacking in some foods that move through our digestive tract as they move at one-quarter the speed as do high-fiber choices. As a result, the slow-moving food leaves excess mucous, which can stick to the intestinal walls.

The result is weighing the intestinal tract down with unnecessary pounds of decaying fecal matter. Four pounds is what the average colon weighs when it is empty. It is capable of holding up to eight meals of food before the digestion process begins. Having a cleanse can kick-start your metabolism. It can also refocus your mind to make better food choices.

When you consider all of the toxins you eat, breathe, and drink, which is absorbed through your skin you realize they end up being processed via your gastrointestinal system, liver, and kidneys. If they are not forced from the organs as rapidly as possible, this can result in havoc on your body’s system. Once you release the stagnant body waste, this reduces the causes and potential risks of such things as cysts, polyps, as well as cancerous growths in your gastrointestinal tract and colon.

Cleansing, fiber intake, and healthy food choices result in improving your regularity. This results in maintaining your weight. If too much fat is present, which is estrogen-based, it is more difficult to become pregnant.

Also, a colon that has years of build-up resulting in being weighed down can press on the uterus as well as the reproductive organs in women. This results in causing strain. Cleansing rids your body of many toxins and chemicals that affects the sperm and egg. Some naturopaths suggest that both the man and woman have a colon cleanse prior to attempting pregnancy.

Colon blockages are acid-forming as a result of certain foods. These foods are high-protein diets that do not offer enough fiber. This results in general malaise, which the body suffers. Eventually, the colon’s tissue becomes inflamed.

This reduces its ability to perform its job in a satisfactory manner, which involves allowing only vitamins, minerals, and water to flow into the bloodstream. If materials such as fecal material, parasites, bacteria, fungus, molds, or yeast enter your bloodstream and the connected tissue, your body’s pH will result in being put out of balance.

Finally, a colon cleanse improves your whole-body well-being. Once you rid the colon of toxins and waste, by freeing the layers of colon buildup, this leads to the feelings of lightness, overall good health, and increased energy.

If you are preparing for a cleanse, you want to do some preparation before your appointment. You should talk with your doctor to make sure you do not have any complications, which might put you at risk. You will want to drink a lot of water before and after the cleanse to prevent dehydration. Although there are no licensing requirements for colonic therapy hygienists, talk to others who have used a specific therapist to make sure you are choosing your therapist wisely.

Take a drive-by his/her office before you make the appointment. You can determine a lot from the location of the office, the condition of the exterior of the building, and if it appears, the therapist maintains signs, and so forth, in good condition. If possible, make sure your hygienist has an adequate disinfection routine. Also, make sure s/he uses disposable equipment when this is possible.

Once you have located your therapist, make an appointment. Most likely, if you are like 1,000s of other people, you will feel fully refreshed and renewed once your cleanse has been completed. You will continue to feel better in the following days.

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