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The Latest Advancements in Dental Care



The latest advancements in dental care

Dental care may have advanced a lot since the Middle Ages, but we still have a long way to go before we achieve perfect dental care for all.

This means that every year there are new discoveries and advancements in something as simple as veneers or as complex as how to look after your teeth and the dental care that is provided whenever you visit a dentist, hygienist, or orthodontist. If you want to find out the latest advancements and how these may affect or be used to treat you in the future, read on for more information.

·        Clear Alignments

One of the latest advancements to the world of cosmetic dentistry has been the creation of clear dental products that can allow individuals wearing treatments such as braces to disguise these, making them less self-conscious of their smile.

However, in recent years, this has grown to include the invention of clear alignments, which can be used as an alternative to braces for orthodontic treatment. These clear alignments are custom made for the wearer and are fixed over the teeth to allow them to align gradually, without the need for the metal wires used in braces, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

To find out more about this new advancement, Braces Haven’s Invisalign Clear Aligners guide for those interested in dental care is perfect for discovering whether this new treatment could be right for you.

·        Laser Whitening and Cavity Detection

Lasers are often preferable to other forms of treatment due to their non-invasive nature, and this is no different for those in dentistry, with many laser treatments being discovered that could help to provide safer alternatives to traditional care.

For instance, laser whitening can help to remove stains and other discolorations from teeth, which can prevent people from using other tooth whitening options, such as dangerous home whitening kits. Not only this, but lasers are now being used for cavity detection purposes, allowing issues with teeth to be isolated and prevented as quickly as possible.

·        Technologically Advanced X Rays

X-rays have always been important to dentistry in that they can give a clearer depiction of which is going on inside your mouth, isolating any problems before a higher level of intervention is needed.

However, companies have started to produce digital x-ray machines that can be utilized on a computer in order to easily upload these against your other files. Not only this, but you will receive less radiation through a digital x-ray than the radiation risk of a traditional radiogram, reducing the effects on you as a patient and also the dentists and employees at the practice.

·        Needle-Free Anaesthetics

Your teeth are a sensitive part of your body, and many people feel uncomfortable at having needle anesthetics in your teeth, even if this will give them the numbing effect that is desired.

However, there has been evidence to suggest that needle anesthetics could soon be a treatment of the past, replaced by numbing gel, which is absorbed by a tiny electric current. This should, in the future, make your visits to the dentist less daunting by ensuring that people that are scared of needles have no need to fear the dentist’s room.

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