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How to Choose the Right Breast Implants



How to choose the right breast implants

As the practice of breast augmentation is becoming more and more popular, this has also made it more accessible to the public. Even so, it might still be a bit confusing to determine whether you are a good candidate for having breast implants or not. In addition to that, there are many decisions you should make – regarding the profile and size you have to choose, among other things.

What Profile Should I Choose?

Without a doubt, prior to choosing a breast augmentation procedure, you might be worried regarding the way in which your breasts will look. The truth is that your own perception of breast profile and size is subjective. Each woman has her own set of expectations in this respect. This is why there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that applies in every case.

Usually, during the consultation with the surgeon, your chest and breast size will be measured. Your weight and height are also taken into account. Depending on the existing measurements, the surgeon might recommend a specific profile. You might even be advised to try out different samples of breast implants, to get a real feel of the way in which your body is likely to change after the procedure.

How could the profile of a breast implant be described? Basically, a low-profile implant will be flat, whereas a higher profile implant will be directed forward. The latter will most likely create the impression of bigger breasts. Depending on the look you want to achieve, your existing breast size and the shape of your body, the surgeon might offer you a couple of suggestions.

If you want a more natural look, then you might opt for a low profile, subtle breast augmentation.

However, note that your current breast width is a fundamental element in determining the breast implant profile. The implant should be equal or smaller than your current breast width. This might be restrictive in the case of some women. In this scenario, you might opt for a larger size implant, while keeping the width under control.

What Size Should I Choose?

The second most important consideration when thinking of breast augmentation is picking the right size. Most patients find this decision to be difficult. And the fact that breast implant sizes are measured differently could make it even harder to choose.

Essentially, the size of breast implants is measured according to the volume in cubic centimeters. If the size of the breast implants is larger, this would mean that the volume is larger. You should always consult with the volume sizing charts provided to you during the consultation. It might be a good idea to try out samples as well. This will help you visualize the way in which your body is prone to change after the breast augmentation procedure.

You should note that if the size of the implants is too large, the breasts will have a fake look. You should also factor in your lifestyle, as bigger breasts might impact the quality of your life. For instance, if you have an active lifestyle and you are into sports, a big breast size might be an impediment. Your existing breast tissue will also be a critical element.


  • How Will I Feel After the Breast Augmentation Procedure?

After the procedure, most women are prone to experience moderate discomfort. Some women have noted that the feelings are like what you experience during lactation – similar to a feeling of tightness. In order to cope with the inflammation, you will most likely be prescribed ibuprofen. After sleeping for a bit (at home) you should feel significantly better. Moderate swelling is also expected, as the nipples and breasts (the lower portion and the outside) may seem numb.

Generally, the sensation returns for most women. Still, a couple of days after the breast implant procedure, you will feel like yourself.

  • Will the Breast Implants Look Natural?

If you want to have a natural look after the surgery, you should pick a profile that matches your current breast size. You should also consider the shape of your body. As long as you do that, the breast implants should seem natural enough.

  • Can My Breast Asymmetry Be Adjusted during the Procedure?

Most women deal with breast asymmetry. The good thing is that your surgeon will most likely address this during the procedure. However, in order to adjust the asymmetry of the breasts, the surgeon might need to apply certain changes to the chosen implant profile and size.

  • What Complications May Arise?

The most common complications associated with breast implants are bottoming out, stretch marks, visible wrinkling, rippling and ridges. In the case of high-profile implants, there is also the risk of tissue, fat, and muscle thinning. Concurrently, there might also be a need for reoperation. While high-profile implants might seem to lead to more complications, that’s not the case if they’re chosen for the right women.

Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

This is a very important aspect. Collaborating with an experienced, professional surgeon could make the difference between a successful and a failed breast augmentation surgery. Make sure you look for reviews before choosing a clinic and always consider the surgeon’s level of experience. A doctor should be qualified to undergo such a procedure.

All in all, having a breast augmentation procedure isn’t as complicated as it used to be a few years ago. However, in order to make the experience a good one, you should do your research beforehand so that you don’t have any regrets afterward.

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