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Can You Go in a Hot Tub With Your Period?



Can you go in a hot tub with your period?

Most women do not look forward to getting their period. It typically means cramps, moodiness, breakouts and, for some, the exclusion of certain activities. Some may choose to skip high-intensity physical activity, while others may avoid swimming.

You may be wondering whether going in a hot tub is ok with a period. In general, going in a hot tub or pool when menstruating is perfectly fine, as long as you follow certain protocols in regard to hygiene and safety.

Having your period does not have to mean you miss out on fun. There are many ways to manage the nuisances of a period, such as using the best organic acne oil to help fight acne, and if you handle it right, enjoying the water is safe.

Use the Right Feminine Products

There is a misconception that your period stops when you go in water. While the flow may be less, you do still menstruate, so it is important to use the right product to protect yourself and others in the water. Swimming or sitting in a hot tub is not appropriate with a pad, as it does not absorb the blood and it can get out into the water.

Getting into the water when you are wearing a tampon or menstrual cup is completely fine and safe. Both control the bleeding in a way that blood will not leak out. When choosing a tampon, it is a good idea to wear one with a higher absorbency, as the tampon will absorb some water as well as your flow.

The quality of tampon also makes a difference. Many tampons you find on the shelf contain toxins, synthetic fragrances and pesticides. The vagina is extremely absorbent, and it absorbs all these nasty chemicals. Choosing an organic, all-cotton tampon is a smart choice for those who want to do what is best for their bodies.

The good news is you can even get organic tampons shipped to you directly. Search for the best feminine product subscription service for convenience and products that are good for you. Women who care about what they put on their skin should also consider the best all natural deodorant.

Practice Safe Hygiene

As with other times during your period, you should use safe hygiene practices when you use a hot tub. Because it absorbs the hot tub water, you should place a new tampon in before going into the tub and then replace it after you get out.

Both during menstruation and at other times of them month, you may want to avoid high-volume hot tubs such as those found at hotels, spas and gyms. Even though the water is chlorinated, it is also a breeding ground for bacteria, and if the hot tubs are not maintained properly, this may increase the chances of infection.

This is rare, and the most common one is a skin infection, but for those who are germ-adverse, stick to hot tubs that experience less volume or at-home jacuzzi tubs.

It is perfectly safe for a woman to go in a hot tub with her period. This is especially true when using the right products and following safety guidelines.

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