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How to Find the Best Medical Negligence Solicitor



How to find the best medical negligence solicitor

Dealing with a medical negligence claim can be a distressing time. Not only are you dealing with the ramifications of a mistake made by a medical professional, but you’ll also have the added worry of an ongoing legal case.

However, the amount of stress you are subjected to can vary greatly depending on the solicitor you select. A competent and experienced medical negligence solicitor will try to keep most of the hassle off your shoulders, only contacting you when necessary.

They will understand you the turbulence your life is going through and will have empathy for your situation.

But how do you make sure you get one of the good ones? Below we’ll look at some of the things you can do to help you select the best medical negligence solicitor.

There isn’t a Single Solution

Although there are companies out there that would like you to think otherwise, there isn’t a company that’s the best for every person and situation. There are many factors to consider, such as your location, the type of case, and any special requirements you might have.

Sometimes a big law firm is the answer, but often, people prefer the personal service and convenience of a more local medical negligence solicitor. For example, searching in London would be completely different to trying to find a medical negligence solicitor in Dublin.

Online Research

While personal recommendations can be useful, checking the internet for more recent and relevant reviews can be eye opening. The UK’s laws can change regularly, so up to date information is crucial.

Look at review sites and testimonials to establish how previous customers have felt about the service they received. The internet can be a great resource for research and for helping you to build an idea of what sort of service you should expect from different practices.

The number of search results can be a little overwhelming, so it can be beneficial to try to narrow your search using your type of claim or your local area.

No Win No Fee

Many legal practices that operate in this niche work using the conditional fee agreement, more commonly known as no-win no-fee, which is touted as meaning they only take their fee if the claim is successful.

This usually means they spend some time assessing your claim and only take on cases that they’re almost sure they can win. It’s sometimes seen as a bit of a gimmick to hook people in, and it doesn’t always mean they are the best law firm for you.

It can also mean they are eager to reach a settlement and don’t always fight your corner to gain the biggest possible settlement. This arrangement can be useful for straightforward claims, but any variance or special needs associated with your claim might not reach their full potential because of having different priorities.

Specialists Will Get the Best Results

There are many areas of law that solicitors can specialise in. Selecting a firm that has solicitors who are specialists in personal injury or medical negligence claims can go a long way towards speeding up the process. Many local and national firms specialise in this type of claim.

Whatever your circumstances, making this type of claim can be a stressful time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and query what they tell you. A good solicitor will be happy to help and will want you to feel comfortable. If you feel like you’re a nuisance, then it’s probably best to move on to the next one.

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