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What Does It Mean to Be High on Life?



What does it mean to be high on life?

We hear it all the time. At social gatherings, concerts, and parties when you try to pass your expensive bong to someone. Often we assume it’s a natural state and has something to do with happiness. We never ask because it sounds like something everyone knows about, and who wants to look stupid in front of people?

If this is how you think, you’re only half right. Being high on life does have a lot to do with happiness and health, but it’s an acquired state. More than that, it’s a process. Staying high on life means extending this process as long as possible.

Walk Everywhere

The high on life is a state of mind, and your mind is connected to your body. To access the source of our mental energy, we must first gain control over our physical forms. Walking brings many health benefits. It lowers your blood sugar, increases the flow of oxygen, and burns calories.

Walking relieves you from the reliance on your cars and bikes, and so gives you a lot of time to think. Use this opportunity to get in touch with yourself. The released serotonin enhances your mood and therefore improves your thought process.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life and all the things you want to accomplish. Absorb your surroundings and let your spirit soar.

Free Yourself From Political Correctness

Some of us may have the ability to do the things we want and buy the stuff we like, and that’s good. True freedom, however, comes from expressing yourself without fear. The high on life derives from the absence of worry when saying what’s on your mind.

You will never gain control over other people’s opinions, so don’t let them dictate your actions and words. People will interpret what you say however they want to, regardless if it’s what you’re “supposed to say” or not. Stop letting social media, politicians, or the neighbors influence your idea of right and wrong.

Upgrade Your Actual High

We simply cannot talk about getting high without mentioning the real stuff. Smoking has become a lifestyle in this modern era. Technology gives us many innovative ways of inhaling and freeing our souls. The best high is a clean high, and that goes beyond cleaning your bongs and pipes.

A good bong cannot go without an ash catcher. It filters out ash, tar, and any other particles in your product, giving you a clean puff every time. You can buy ash catchers at along with other enhancing devices.

Making It Last

Like any other feeling, the high on life has a duration. It does and will run out on us. To stay in this high, we need to maintain a positive outlook. Rinse your mind of negative thoughts, grudges, and so-called social etiquettes. They are buzz killers and emotional burdens that prevent you from truly living the way you want.

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